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Modern times have brought forth new challenges to education worldwide. However, this doesn’t refer only to educational institutions (colleges and schools) but businesses as well. YouTestMe team members have written several articles that might help you by providing more insight into real-life situations, common errors, things you should pay attention to, and much more. Check them out below!

The 5 Minute Guide on How to Cut Down on Human Resources Costs

Human Resources Costs

The backbone of any good company is undoubtedly its employees, the workforce that makes the company able to deliver its service or product at the level of quality that is expected of it. The managers and the CEO are there to coordinate the company, to help it grow, expand and branch out, and you as […]

Training Employees with Exam Software

Training Employees

When accepting a new employee into the company, you have to make sure that they possess all the necessary skills that they will require when doing their actual job. If you’re lucky, your candidate will already possess all the needed skills, and you won’t have to spend any resources in order to teach them how […]

Case Study – Employee Training in Multinational Companies


If you want to have a content and productive workforce that will help your company make it in this ever-evolving and very competitive capitalism-oriented business world, their education is one of the first things you should invest in. An uneducated workforce is an incompetent workforce, and this is one of the quickest ways to ensure […]

3 eLearning Trends for Human Resources in 2017

elearning trends 2017 HR

Education has long been tied to classrooms full of students, listening to a single presenter elaborate on a subject, and while this approach has its advantages, it definitely has a lot of limitations as well. As technology evolves, more and more of us are getting access to possibilities to study our subjects online. This is […]

These are the Mistakes you MUST Avoid in Employee Training

Employee Training Mistakes

The success of your company is directly dependent on how competent your employees are at doing their job. Employees with previous experience in the exact field that they are going to be working in at your company will generally have no problem with keeping up with their workload, but you won’t always get lucky with […]

Top 5 Reasons HR Managers Should Use Computer Based Training Software

HR Managers Computer Based Training Software

The duty of a human resources manager is to make sure that the company’s workforce is filled with capable, resourceful employees that can get their jobs done in accordance to the needs of the company itself. To achieve this, employees often need to be given a very specific kind of training in order to get […]

Online Examination Software: A Must-Have Tool in Human Resources

Online Examination Software

The employees are the backbone of any company. They’re the ones doing the hard stuff, the paperwork, the product development and just about everything else. Management has an arguably equally important but entirely different role, however; they’re there to make sure the workforce is operating at optimum efficiency, and that all of the tasks that […]

Pre-Employment Testing Today and Tomorrow

Pre-Employment Testing

Pre-employment testing is an essential part of making sure that you have a capable, resourceful workforce that can pull off any tasks that are required of them during their time in the company. If you just accept an employee before first assessing their abilities, there’s a good chance that you are going to end up […]


5 Benefits of Using Knowledge Testing Software in HR

Knowledge Testing Software in HR

The human resource department is perhaps one of the most vital parts of any company – they’re the guys tasked with managing any and all of the information that has to do with the employees themselves. Redistributing the workforce, recruiting new workers, evaluating the performance of existing ones, developing public relations – these are just […]

Top 5 Features in Knowledge Testing Software

Knowledge Testing

Knowledge testing software is a tool that can greatly help educators in the creation of high-quality tests, that are super effective at gauging just how well their students have managed to master the subject. Realistically speaking, constantly being able to come up with good tests is one of the hardest parts of being an educator, […]