Frequently asked questions

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1. Do you perform application customization?

Yes, YouTestMe Products are flexible and suitable for a wide range of customizations in a relatively short period of time.

2. What kind of integrations are supported?

YouTestMe applications can be integrated with a wide range of platforms and services using various protocols, such as Active Directory, FTP, REST API, Single Sign-On, etc.

3. What kind of proctoring is available?

YouTestMe GetCertified application itself has a number of built-in cheating prevention functionalities:

  1. Protected internal network – a predefined range of IP addresses from which students would be allowed to take the test (i.e., only computers within one room).
  2. Question and answer randomization – generating unique tests with different questions and answers ordering for each student.
  3. Test generator – unique tests with a different set of questions for each student (i.e., each student will get a different set of questions but with the equivalent question difficulty).
  4. Answer Generator – each student will get a specific set of answers of the same questions.

As an additional service, our system provides integration with remote proctoring software. This proctoring solution enables remote automated proctoring without the need of hiring live proctors. Also, enables you to track the following events:

  1. Human face recognition.
  2. The opening of restricted pages in the browser.
  3. Window browser that is not maximized.
  4. Change of focus to a different window.
  5. An additional display is attached.
  6. The absence of a human face in front of the camera.
  7. Multiple or unauthorized faces in front of the camera.
  8. Abnormal activity on the screen.

4. What does "concurrent user" mean?

Concurrent users are a number of users connected and being active on the system at the same time (administrator, instructor, student, etc.).

5. Is it possible to organize arrange live demo presentation?

Yes, we provide a live demo presentation of our products using Cisco WebEx as our official tool for demonstration and presentations.

6. Is it possible to get a fully functional demo?

We provide a cloud-based, fully functional 14-day personal demo.

7. What is the difference between YouTestMe GetCertified and YouTestMe Classroom2020?

YouTestMe Classroom2020 is a Learning Management system (LMS) and Knowledge Testing system (KTS) exclusively designed for colleges and universities. Helps you to effortlessly organize and automate the learning and knowledge assessment process in your school. You can easily organize and view an entire school year in one place using Study Programs. YouTestMe Classroom2020 modules consist of:

  • Academic calendars and semesters
  • Programs
  • Courses
  • Lessons
  • Student groups

YouTestMe GetCertified is an exam software for knowledge, evaluation and certification and its more suitable for standard educational institutions, companies, and governments. Some of the main YouTestMe GetCertified features are:

  • Training Courses
  • Creation of professional, engaging surveys and profiles
  • Certificate Designer
  • Automated issuing of certificates
  • Reporting system
  • Paper-Based Testing

8. What kind of format do the questions need to be in to upload them into the bank?

A predefined excel template is used to upload questions in the question pools (banks). You can also add the questions manually. You can do this yourself, or we can do it for you as an additional service.

9. I would like to know if your solution supports multiple languages?

YouTestMe GetCertified supports all major languages and they are added as needed. Any language can be added within 30 days once the client confirms the intention to purchase the application.

10. Are tablet and mobile app compatible with iOS and Android?

YouTestMe GetCertified is optimized to work with any browser on mobile and tablet devices. It contains an API that can be used to build the Android and iOS app.

11. Can I put weight per questions?

Each question in YouTestMe GetCertified has the following attributes:

  • Difficulty label – You can predefine the difficulty to each question inside a test ( Easy, Medium or Hard). Also, you can set a different number of points according to the level of question difficulty.
  • Points – A number of points awarded when the question is answered correctly.
  • Penalty Points – A number of points deducted when the question is answered wrong. During the test, students can choose ‘’I don’t know’’ checkbox to avoid penalty points.

12. Can I put the time limit on the test or the individual question?

In YouTestMe GetCertified, you can adjust the time to the entire test and the time per question.

13. Is it possible to attach validity to individual certificates?

A certificate can have its validity period that can be configurable (e.g. three months, six months, one year, etc.). Users and training course managers can be notified before certificate expiration.

14. Does your system allow us to use paper exams? Also, would there be a way to do the scoring of the paper exams?

Yes. YouTestMe GetCertified allows using of paper exams. Once you create tests inside the system you are able to export them as PDF files.
Test managers can export test keys as well. Exported test keys look the same as the exported tests, but have the correct answers labeled. This allows test managers to conduct paper-based grading.

15. Do you support the automated calculation of Pass/Fail based on pre-determined minimus for each group or student?

The passing minimum can only be set on the test as a whole. We can adjust the test passing process as per your requirements.

16. Does YouTestMe GetCertified provide item analysis?

YouTestMe GetCertified provides item analysis reports:

  • Success ratio – tracks the performance of each question given in the test. With the help of question success ratio, test managers can see which question was more or less difficult to test takers.
  • Partial scores within a test (based on the question bank/pool) – users can see how the test taker has performed in different knowledge areas included in the test.
  • Item reliability – differentiates between reliable and unreliable questions by comparing their scores with the scores of tests in whole using Pearson’s correlation coefficient.

17. Can you explain the test creation workflow?

Below is the knowledge test creation workflow:

  1. Organize users in multileveled user groups
  2. Organize questions in multileveled question pools
  3. Enter the test-creation process (or load test from test-template, MS Excel and skip the following steps)
  4. Specify the look and feel of the test
  5. Choose the way of test creation process – manual (adding questions one by one) or using the test generator (specify the parameters for each included question pool/bank)
  6. Attach the certificate (optional)
  7. Compose the test-introduction message (optional)
  8. Compose the period of test validity (optional)
  9. Select one or more ways to assign the test to candidates:
    a. Send a test directly to each candidate – each gets a notification
    b. Distribute test to groups of candidates – each gets a notification
    c. Pin test to a home screen of each current or future application user
    d. Send a test to non-registered users by email or by a publicly shared HTML link
  10. Specify test availability period
  11. Create, analyze and print reports

The workflow is similar for creating surveys and training courses.

18. Is it possible to randomize order of answers in questions?

Both answer and question order can be randomized.

19. Are the test results available to candidates immediately after test completion?

Yes, it is possible to provide results to candidates immediately after the test completion. It is also possible to provide the results later, upon instructor’s approval.

20. Are there any limits in terms of data creation and concurrent users?

There are no limits regarding data and the number of registered users. You can create an unlimited number of:

  • Users
  • Questions
  • Tests
  • Surveys
  • Training courses (programs)
  • Literature for training courses
  • Certificates
  • Test templates

21. How is the product delivered?

YouTestMe GetCertified can be delivered:

  1. Via password protected a download link
  2. On a USB memory stick

The total size of YouTestMe GetCertified is around 20GB.

22. Can we run the platform on the local network server of the company?

Our software is distributed as a Virtual Appliance that can be installed on client’s premises or a cloud server, thus giving you full control over the applications and data.

23. Could the product be installed in a windows environment, such as Windows 2016 Server, IIS or Apache?

YouTestMe GetCertified is delivered in a plug-and-play pre-configured Virtual Appliance, and as such requires to be deployed into a hypervisor software. The host server can run any operating system, as long as it has a suitable hypervisor software installed on it (e.g., Oracle VirtualBox, VMware Player, VMware ESXi).

24. Do you provide training?

Yes, we provide several types of training – personal administrators, telephone/Skype sessions, or presentations. These services are paid separately. It is important to mention that every client gets the proper documentation and video tutorials for starters.

25. Can YouTestMe products exchange data with other systems?

YouTestMe offers the following options for data exchange:

  1. Export of data in CSV and Excel format (provided by default)
  2. Export of data as Oracle export or data pump files (provided by default)
  3. Export of data in custom format as per client’s specification
  4. Custom API as per client’s specification
  5. We offer assistance and custom development for data import into one or multiple target platforms

26. How is the software application being delivered to government institutions? (Installation behind a firewall)?

YouTestMe Application is distributed as a pre-configured Virtual Appliance which can be easily deployed on cloud or on-premise. If it is hosted on-premises the server can be behind the firewall, it does not require an Internet connection and can fully function within the institution’s intranet. This type of deployment has been proven to be the best solution for government institutions that need full control of the system and have strict requirements regarding data security and privacy. Other advantages of this type of deployment are:

  1. Easy installation and configuration – the entire system can be deployed within minutes.
  2. Easy backup and restore of the entire system.
  3. Easy migration to other servers or other physical locations.
  4. Ability to easily duplicate the entire system and deploy multiple instances.

27. How many licenses are given for a single purchase?

With one purchase, you get one license. For more purchases, we offer special discounts.

28. I would like to purchase on-premise YouTestMe GetCertified Standard Edition. What’s is the next step?

As soon as your payment has been confirmed, we will promptly provide all the necessary information and begin the shipping process.

29. What is the average delivery time?

Delivery time can vary depending on the payment. Wire transfer –up to 5 business days upon the payment, PayPal/Credit Card –up to 5 business days upon the payment, Cheque –up to 20 business days upon the payment.

30. Is there an annual fee for updates?

By purchasing our application, you get one year of free support and free upgrades during the free support period. Free support includes all client documentation, video tutorials, support over email with a response time of 24 business hours. After the first year, optionally, you can extend the support for US$1,340/yr and hosting US$2,520/yr and continue receiving the upgrades.

31. Can you tell me more about your support and maintenance plan?

All new releases of the application with new features are included in the free support during the first year. With every new major release, we provide a free demo so you can try new features and decide if you want the upgrade your application.
After the first year, support is optional for on-premise deployments and includes everything mentioned above.
The on-premise edition of YouTestMe GetCertified is delivered in a pre-configured Virtual Appliance and requires minimal maintenance and support. All updates are delivered via a secured download link with easy to follow installation instructions.

32. Does YouTestMe GetCertified support single sign-on (Active Directory integration)?

GetCertified supports Microsoft Active Directory integration, which includes the following:

  1. Users synchronization:
    YouTestMe GetCertified user profiles are synchronized with corresponding Active Directory user accounts. After the Active Directory configuration setup, YouTestMe GetCertified retrieves user accounts with all the necessary attributes and stores them in the YouTestMe GetCertified users’ profiles. It uses pagination search to retrieve users, so there is no limitation to the number of user accounts that can be synchronized. YouTestMe GetCertified supports both manual and automated periodical user profiles synchronization.
  2. LDAP authentication:
    LDAP bind is used to validate user credentials. When a user enters his/her credentials upon login, the credentials are sent via LDAP protocol to the Active Directory for validation. The benefit is that the user uses his/her Active Directory credentials to log in to GetCertified.