What is youtestme used for?

No matter what industry you are coming from – YouTestMe will provide the best set of features and workflows.


Quick and simple examination


Automated creation of large number exams based on a one time setup


Distribute single exam in different languages and time zones for complete localization


Information Security

YouTestMe GetCertified has gone through (and regularly goes through) the risk management framework of the US Department of Defense, which includes regular code scans. We provide end-to-end encryption based on industry standards, and are compliant with all major data protection regulations like GDPR, PIPEDA, and CCPA.


Regulatory Compliances

YouTestMe complies with all major standards for information security, data privacy, data protection, and accessibility, such as GDPR, Section 508, FedRAMP, ISO/IEC 27001, ISO 9001, and many more. Personal data is encrypted, pseudonymized, anonymized, and delivered or deleted at the client's request. Through our data privacy policies, security hardenings, and business continuity planning, we ensure security, high availability, and incident management.


High Scalability

YouTestMe can accommodate any volumes, growth, and peaks in large-scale testing. The software is designed in a way that can scale up by allocating more hardware resources. Our stress testing procedures allow your IT team to test the robustness of the software themselves.