How to add an answer to the essay question

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This article explains the two ways of adding an answer to the essay question. The candidate can enter the answer directly to the text field or upload a file.

Add answer directly to the answer field

To answer the essay question, type the answer in the empty text field. The number of characters is unlimited.

You can edit the answer as well. Multiple editing options are available. You can :

  1. Bold the text.
  2. Turn text to Italic.
  3. Underline text.
  4. Strikethrough text.
  5. Change font color.
  6. Add text shade.
  7. Subscript the text.
  8. Superscript the text.
  9. Add the largest size heading (H1).
  10. Add the heading size (H2).
  11. Quote the text.
  12. Add the text in the field element.
  13. Create a numbered list.
  14. Create a bulleted list.
  15. Decrease indent.
  16. Increase indent.
  17. Reverse the text.
  18. Change the alignment of the text (Left, Right, Center, Justify).
  19. Insert link.
  20. Change text to a generic light text.

    Note: Take a look at the photos below to know more about how the edited text looks after using each option. The answer text changes are marked with numbers.



    Add the answer to the essay question by uploading a file

    The other way to add an answer to an essay question is to click the “Upload file” button.


    To remove the file, click the “Remove file” button.

    Note: You can use both options for adding a file to a question at the same time. That means you can type the answer and upload a file with an answer.

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