How to create a question group

Once you add the questions you want to be in the test (“Add questions” tab), you can assign an appropriate group to each of them. The question group allows you to organize multiple questions into a group, and add its short description and multimedia (image, audio, video), displayed with each question within the group.

Note: Question groups can only be added to a test, not a pool.

Click on the “Edit” icon in the three-dot menu.

Expand “Show more settings”. In the “Advanced question setup” section, select the option “New” from the three-dot menu.

Here, you can add the group name, description, and attachment.

To create another question group, repeat the steps above. You can create as many groups as you like.

Once you’ve created question groups, you can sort as many questions as you want into them.

User perspective

Users will see the text and an image in all the questions which are part of the group.


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