How to create a user group and enroll it in a test

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This article explains how to create a user group and enroll that group in a test.

Access the “User groups” from the homepage

To access ‘’User groups’’ follow these steps:

  1. Select the “Create user group”  option on the home page
  2. Navigate to the “Users” option on the main menu and select “Manage groups.” On the left side of the “Manage groups” page, you will find the sidebar where you can:
    • Search for groups
    • Filter groups
    • Create a new group
    • Select a group to see the group’s information and modify it
  3. To create a new group, click on the “New” button. In the pop-up window, set the name and description of the group, as well as the group status.

Manage members

The “Members” tab gives an overview of all group members, allows you to add new members to the group and remove existing users. You can also export the member list as an Excel file.

  1. The “Assign members” button will add the selected users to the group.
  2. By selecting the check-boxes, you can add or remove users from the current selection, and the actions such as assigning and removing will only have an impact on these users.
  3. You can search users by their username, first and last name, status, or e-mail.
  4. The “Remove Selected” button will remove the selected users from the group. No action will take place for users that are not group members. Removing a user from the group will set his/her “Role in the group” to blank
  5. The “Export as Excel” option will export all group members as an Excel file.

Enroll group in a test

First, you need to create a new testing session:

  1. To do that, find a specific test and create a testing session for it
  2. Navigate to the “Tests” option in the main menu and select the “Manage tests” option
  3. Type the name of your test in the search field, and select the name of the desired test.
  4. Select the ‘’Testing sessions’’ tab
  5. In the testing session tab, click on the “New testing session” button and configure new testing session settings:
    • Enter the session’s name
    • Choose one of the previously defined testing locations in the ‘’Testing locations’’ tab
    • ‘’Time zone’’ refers to the time zone of the user that is creating the session. It suggests that the calendars with availability times below are displayed according to that time zone
    • Enter the date and time when the session will become available to the candidates
    • Enter the date and time by which the session will be available to the candidates
    • If you use this option, only users from a group you choose will be able to enroll in the session
    • Candidates can self enroll in the session from the “My assignments” panel
    • If the “Locked’’ option is selected, the candidates will be able to start the test only by entering the “Session password.”
    • You can show or hide additional options for external settings
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