How to create and use question pools

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You can organize your questions into question pools – also known as question banks. Access to these pools is restricted only to pool members.

Create a Question Pool

  1. To access the “Question pools” page, navigate to “Tests” in the main menu, and choose “Question
  2. GetCertified allows you to create your question pools. Click the “New” button.
  3. Enter the name and description in the “New pool” popup window and save it.
  4. In the “Questions” tab, you can:
    1. Create a new sub-pool
    2. Delete the selected question pool
    3. Add new questions
    4. Filter by tags
    5. Load questions using a predefined Excel template
    6. Preview question details
    7. Edit questions
    8. Check audit trail (time, date and user who created or modified the question)
    9. Delete questions
    10. Move or copy the question to another question pool
    11. Export as Excel/PDF

Add question pool to the test

For this part of the application, see: How can I create a simple test without sections and assign candidates to it?

  1. Once you create the question pool, you can use it to add questions to the test.
  2. Select the pool that you want to use in the test and assign questions individually, or assign them all
    at once. You can use the same question pool to assign questions to multiple tests.
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