How to create matching questions

Adding questions into a Question Pool

To add questions to a question pool, navigate to “Tests/Question pools.”

Create a new question pool or select one from the list. Once you access the pool, navigate to the “Questions” tab, and click on the “Add question” button.

Matching questions

Select the “Matching” option in the dropdown menu.

Configure the question settings (difficulty, duration, scoring method, points, penalty, frequency). Users can choose between two scoring methods:

  • Defining correct/incorrect answers – The candidate has to select all the correct answers to achieve points
  • Manual grading – The candidate earns points after the test manager grades the question

Adding answers:

  • Click on the “Left” and “Right” buttons to add matching items.

  • Enter the answer on the left – enter the answer (text) on the left-hand side.
  • Enter the answer on the right – enter the answer (text) on the right-hand side.
  • Using the small dropdown, link the two items (that form the correct answer) by choosing a number on the left that corresponds to the correct option on the right.

Matching questions from a student’s perspective

The test taker will need to match the answers on the left with the ones on the right by using the dropdown and picking the right ordinal number. They can:

Drag and drop the answers.

Choose the appropriate number or matching letter using the dropdown menu.

Type in the corresponding matching letter or number.

Drag a line to connect the answers.


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