How to move/copy questions from one question pool to another

This article explains how to move or copy some questions from one question pool to another.

Creating a new question pool

  1. To create a new question pool, click on Tests in the main menu, and select Question pools.
  2. Click the New button from the left-side menu to create a new question pool.
  3. Enter the name, optionally a description, and click the Save button to create a pool.

Accessing the existing question pool

To access the desired question pool from which you want to copy/move questions, click on the Tests tab in the main menu and select Question pools.

The left-side menu will appear, where you can search for the pool name and click on it to open.

Moving/copying the questions

Once you open the desired question pool, you should:

  1. Navigate to the Questions tab.
  2. Select the questions you want to move/copy.
  3. Click the Move or Copy option, depending on your preferences.
    Note: It is possible to move only questions that have not been used in tests.
  4. Click the Yes button to confirm.
  5. Choose the previously created pool where you want to move/copy the questions.

Once you confirm the moving/copying of questions, they will be shown in the pool (see the picture below).


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