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How to upload a large number of users in the group

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This article explains how to load multiple user accounts from Excel file to create user profiles faster and synchronize with external systems more efficiently. 

To create a new group of users:

  1. Navigate the Users/User groups or
  2. Select the “Create user group” option on the home page.

A new popup window will show up:

  1.  Set the “Name” of the group.
  2.  Fill the “Description” field.
  3.  Click the “Save” button to create a group.
  4.  Click the “Cancel” button to revert changes.


Load a large number of users in the group

Once a group is created, the system automatically creates a group ID that serves as an indicator joining
users to that specific group. You can find the group ID under the information tab of that specific group.


Uploading users

1Navigate to the Users and choose “User profiles” from the main menu.



Click the “Load users” button.


Click on the blue, linked text “Excel template” to download an empty excel template for uploading users.


Fill the template with the necessary information, in the Groups column, enter the ID of a group.



Click on the “Select file” button, to find a location of the document and then click “Upload” to load users.

Navigate to the Users and choose the “User groups” option from the main menu.

  1. Use the search bar to find the group.
  2. Click on the group name.
  3.  Go to the “Members” tab where you should see a list of uploaded users.

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