Main Features

Academic Calendars

Academic calendars serve to help you define and manage your school year, its duration, as well as the duration of each semester. Each calendar can have as many semesters (time units) as you require. This simplifies the process of assigning courses to semesters, keeping records and tracking the progress of students throughout the year.

  • Create and manage academic calendars

  • Define the semesters’ duration

  • Track students progress

Study Programs

YouTestMe Classroom2020 programs allow you to easily organize and view (monitor) an entire school year in one place, with the ability to create an unlimited number of custom programs. Programs also allow creating student groups which are then assigned to them.

YouTestMe Classroom2020 programs consist of:

  • Academic calendar

  • Courses

  • Student groups

Course Organization

YouTestMe Classroom2020 possess a wide arrange of features to help you easily organize your courses.
Each course can have an unlimited amount of lessons. Every lesson created within a course can be enriched with multimedia content in the form of literature ( 8 different multimedia files ). Each course and lesson within it can have one of 3 different types of test:

  • Progressive test (Ideal for knowledge assessment after each lesson)

  • Descriptive test (Used for entering results)

  • Supplemental test (Covers the entire course)

You can even customize how much each test contributes to the final grade, in the form of test weight.

Test Creation & Management

YouTestMe Classroom2020 LMS helps you to easily create huge amounts of tests using our test generation technology. It allows you to generate unique tests from question pools using predefined criteria saving precious recourses, time and money.

  • Automatically generate tests (using the Test Generator)

  • Create tests manually by choosing questions from question pools

  • Use test templates to quickly generate tests

  • Save a test template for future use

Content Management

YouTestMe – Classroom2020 gives you the tools to fully customize your lessons by attaching different multimedia files ( up to 20MB attachable per lesson). These files include:

  • YouTube Video

  • Video (MP4)

  • Audio (MP3)

  • PDF

  • Image

  • Hyperlink

  • Google Docs

  • Archive (ZIP)

Question Organization

Chose between 7 question types and organize them in question pools. To make them more interesting, you can enrich both your questions and answers with images. Questions can also have assistance (and penalty points if a student uses them).

YouTestMe Classroom2020 LMS system provides you with an easy one-click upload of huge amounts of questions using our Excel template.

  • Multileveled question pools

  • 7 question types

  • Enrich questions and answers with images

  • Chose between 3 different question difficulties

  • Prepare questions offline in MS Excel using our predefined template and easily load them

  • Chose how often questions appear on tests by setting question frequency parameter

Advanced Statistic

YouTestMe Classroom2020 provides you with an advanced statistics module that tracks information (data) about tests, students and courses. Data is represented in charts for easy comparison and evaluation, allowing both students and teachers to view the information on-demand. Another feature of this module are real-time reports, providing real-time data as soon as the student finishes the exam/test.

  • Student reports

  • Test reports

  • Question statistics

  • Activity reports

  • Various summary reports

  • Success comparison between the groups

  • PDF reports


Secure information is an essential part of YouTestMe Classroom2020. You can create as many user roles as needed, each with its own permissions. This restricts or gives them access to specific parts of the application. Furthermore, the access to tests and exams can be limited to one classroom or building (by limiting the access to a range of IP addresses).

  • Login verification

  • Complex password required

  • Roles and permissions

  • Internal network

  • Personal Email server

  • System monitoring

  • HTTPS protocol

Custom Branding

YouTestMe Classroom2020 can be custom branded according to your branding colors and logo. Custom branding is free of charge and can be changed by the admin at any time.

  • Custom logo

  • Custom colors


Don’t you see everything you need? No problem.

YouTestMe Classroom2020 is developed in a way that makes it easy to customize. Whether you need an additional field, an entirely new feature or integration with your systems.


Data Digitalization & Loading

We can save you countless hours of entering content by preloading the purchased products with your data, thus providing you with a ready-to-use system. If your data is in paper format, we can easily transfer it and load it into Classroom2020 in no time at all.

The digitization process includes loading: Users, Tests, Questions, Answers.

Pricing depends on the amount of data that needs to be loaded, whereas you pay only for what you use.

YouTestMe Application Hosting

In case you don’t have the infrastructure for hosting our products, we offer the solution of storing it securely on our Cloud servers. You can also rent the software by choosing one of the offered cloud packages. All of our servers are located in Canada and France.

YouTestMe Support And Training

Apart from the standard support package containing product documentation and video tutorials, it is also possible to schedule additional support using Cisco WebEx or Skype Personal Administrator. It is also possible to hire experts from our Support team for an on-site visit, thus providing live presentation and training sessions. Contact us for more information.

YouTestMe Classroom2020 has more than 70 features. Take a look at our complete features list!

Pricing Plans

Perfect for small & medium size colleges
US$16,800 one-time fee

No internet connection is required
Free customer support and hosting in the first year
Optional support from second year on for US$900/yr
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High-end solution for large colleges & universities
Contact us

Data Digitalization & Loading
Automated Proctoring, Active Directory Integration
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Great for small schools
US$75/application user one-time fee

Free for the first 20 users
Free hosting and support
US$900/yr license fee
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For medium schools & training centers
US$9,700one-time fee

Free support in the first year
Free hosting in the first year
After the first year the hosting and support is US$900/yr
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Custom-tailored for large colleges
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Data Digitalization & Loading
Automated Proctoring, Active Directory Integration
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What is the difference between on-premise & cloud plan?

The difference is primarily where the application is hosted. With On-premise plans, you become the owner of the application and you decide whether you will host the application on YouTestMe cloud servers or in your data center within the institution. The hosting on YouTestMe cloud server is free during the first year.

With Cloud plans, the application is hosted and maintained on YouTestMe cloud servers, and in that case, you are renting the application.

I want to purchase on-premise YouTestMe Classroom2020 Standard Edition, what next?

Once your payment is being confirmed, we will start the product receiving process. Alongside with the application, we will provide you with all necessary documentation.

What is the average delivery time?

The delivery time can vary depending on the payment option that you choose:

  • Wire transfer – delivery time is up to 5 business days upon the payment
  • PayPal/Credit Card – delivery time is up to 5 business days upon the payment
  • Cheque – delivery time is up to 20 business days upon the payment

Do I become the owner of software if I purchase one of cloud packages?

No, with cloud packages you are renting the software, but you are in a full control over the data. At any time you are able to redeem the software. The price for redeeming the software depends on the chosen cloud package:

  • Per user package – the redeeming price is US$16,800, one-time fee
  • Unlimited number of users package – the redeeming price is US$7,100 = US$16,800 – US$9,700

What is the “Per user” cloud package?

Per user cloud package is great solution for small businesses. It costs only US$900 per year. If you have more than 20 users, the price per additional user is US$75, one-time fee.

What is the “Unlimited number of users” cloud package?

In this package you can have an unlimited number of registered users. The only limit is in the terms of concurrent users. YouTestMe Classroom2020 Standard Edition supports up to 200 concurrent users.

If you have more than 200 concurrent users, please send us a quote for Enterprise Edition.

Are there any limits in the terms of data creation and concurrent users?

There are no any limits in the terms of data creation. The only limits are related to hardware performances of the host server. You are able to create an unlimited number of:

  • Users
  • Academic calendars
  • Programs
  • Questions
  • Tests
  • Test templates
  • Courses
  • Literature for Courses

Concerning the number of concurrent users, YouTestMe Classroom2020 Standard Edition supports up to 100 concurrent users. It can support more than 100 users at the same time, but the performances of the application depend on the server hardware configuration. Also, there is a limit in the terms of Oracle Database License that allows the usage of up to 2 CPU’s. Depending on the estimated maximum number of students who take the test at the same time, the application can be scaled to meet this requirement. This will require the Enterprise Edition of GetCertified with Oracle Database License that has no limits in the terms of maximum number of CPU’s. Please note that if the Standard Edition of Classroom2020 is purchased, later it can be upgraded to Enterprise version.

Is the price of Oracle Database included in the software price?

Our software is distributed with Oracle 12c database and its perpetual license is already included in the price.

If you own your own Oracle database it is possible to use it with YouTestMe Application instead of a database distributed with the YouTestMe software.

There are several advantages of using your own Oracle database:

  • YouTestMe system price is discounted for US$1,000
  • You have a full control and direct access to all data. For example, you have an option to use applications other than YouTestMe to access YouTestMe data directly
  • There are fewer Oracle licensing restrictions if you would like to customize or integrate YouTestMe system with other systems

What kind of training and support do you provide?

During the first year, we provide a free support which includes:

  • Technical support via email with a response time of up to 24 hours
  • Software updates (hot fixes and patches)
  • Software upgrades (new versions of the software)
  • Free previews of new application upgrades (so you can decide if you would like to upgrade)
  • Assistance with the installation of application upgrades
  • Up-to-date user manuals, upgrade manuals  and best practices instructions for users and system administrators

After the first year of free support, it can be extended at a price of US$900/year.

Please note that in the “Per user” clud package, free support is included as long as you are subscribed to that package.

Advanced support includes the video chat and customizable grading systems. The premium level of support also includes the telephone call support and one or more personal administrators.

An extra service also includes the entering and management of data in the purchased product.

We provide several types of training – personal administrators, telephone/Skype sessions, or presentations. These services are paid separately. It is important to mention that every client gets the proper documentation and video tutorials for starters.

Please contact us for more information and pricing for extra services, advanced and premium support.




YouTestMe Classroom2020 Introduction Video

A basic introduction to the main features of YouTestMe Classroom2020.