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Learning Management System (LMS)

Learning Management and Knowledge Testing System Designed for Colleges and Universities


Learning Management System (LMS)

Learning Management and Knowledge Testing System Designed for Colleges and Universities

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Main Features

Academic calendars feature is used to manage your school year and semesters. Each calendar can have as many semesters (time units) as you need. This simplifies the process of assigning courses to semesters, keeping records and tracking the progress of every student.

  • Create and manage academic calendars

  • Define the semesters’ duration

  • Track students progress

YouTestMe Classroom2020 programs allow you to easily organize and view an entire school year in one place. You can create an unlimited number of custom programs.

YouTestMe Classroom2020 programs consist of:

  • Academic calendar

  • Courses

  • Student groups

YouTestMe Classroom2020 has a wide range of features to help you easily organize your courses.
Each course can have an unlimited number of lessons. Every lesson in a course can be enriched with multimedia content in the in one of  8 different multimedia files formats. Each course and a lesson can have one of three different types of test:

  • Progressive test (Ideal for knowledge assessment after each lesson)

  • Descriptive test (Used for entering results)

  • Supplemental test (Covers the entire course)

You can even customize how much each test contributes to the final grade, in the form of test weight.

YouTestMe Classroom2020 LMS helps you to automatically create a large number of unique tests using Test Generator module. Test are generated from your selection of question pools using predefined criteria (number of questions in the test, the ratio of question from different learning subjects, the ratio of easy, medium and hard questions, etc).

  • Automatically generate tests (using the Test Generator)

  • Create tests manually by choosing questions from question pools

  • Use test templates to quickly generate tests

  • Save a test template for future use

With YouTestMe Classroom2020 you can fully customize your lessons with multimedia files ( up to 20MB per lesson). These file formats include:

  • YouTube Video

  • Video (MP4)

  • Audio (MP3)

  • PDF

  • Image

  • Hyperlink

  • Google Docs

  • Archive (ZIP)

Organize questions in Question Pools and Sub-Pools (Banks). Choose between 7 question types.  Questions can have assistance hint and penalty points. Questions could be prepared offline in MS Excel file and then uploaded into the application.

  • Multileveled question pools

  • 7 question types

  • Add images to questions and answers

  • Choose between "Easy", "Medium" and "Hard" question difficulty

  • Prepare questions offline in MS Excel and load them into the system later

  • Choose how often questions appear on tests by setting question frequency parameter

The Reporting Module was designed to provide a feature-rich and user-friendly web interface for managing reports within YouTestMe Classroom2020. Data is represented in charts for easy comparison and evaluation, allowing both students and teachers to view the information on-demand. This module also includes a real-time reporting featuring real-time student exam performance data.

  • Student reports

  • Test reports

  • Question statistics

  • Activity reports

  • Various summary reports

  • Success comparison between the groups

  • PDF reports

Securing data is an essential part of YouTestMe Classroom2020. Access to application features is controlled by user security roles. You can create an unlimited number of security roles and specify features that they are allowed to access. By assigning a user a security role you are giving that user  permissions specified in that security role. Also, the access to tests and exams can be limited to specific computers by limiting the access to a range of IP addresses (i.e. specific classroom or building).

  • Login verification

  • Complex password required

  • Security Roles and permissions

  • Internal network

  • Personal Email server

  • System monitoring

  • HTTPS protocol

YouTestMe Classroom2020 can be custom branded with your logo and colors. Branding features can be easily changed by the application user with adequate security permissions.

  • Custom logo

  • Custom colors

Don’t you see everything you need? No problem.

YouTestMe Classroom2020 is modular, easily expandable and customizable. Application enhancements may include additional data fields, new screens,  functions or integration with other systems.


Data Digitalization & Loading

We can save you significant time and effort by preloading the purchased products with your data and provide you with a ready-to-use system. If your data is in paper format, we can digitalize it and load it into Classroom2020.

YouTestMe Application Hosting

We offer an option of securely hosting your application on our Cloud servers. You can also rent the software by choosing one of our cloud packages. YouTestMe cloud servers are located in Canada and France.

YouTestMe Support And Training

In addition to standard support package consisting of product documentation and video tutorials, we offer a live online support using Cisco WebEx or Skype Personal Administrator. Please contact us for more information.

YouTestMe Classroom2020 has more than 70 features. Take a look at our complete features list!

All plans come with unlimited possibilities for content creation!

Perfect for medium sized organizations
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No internet connection is required
Unlimited number of registered users
Up to 50 concurrent users
Free customer support in the first year
Max 2 CPUs per server
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Perfect for governments and large organizations
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Unlimited number of registered users
More than 50 concurrent users
Data Digitalization & Loading
Custom Features
No CPU limit
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For big companies with medium frequent usage
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Up to 50 concurrent users
Free hosting & support in the first year
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Custom-tailored for corporations with frequent usage
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Data Digitalization & Loading
Custom Features
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YouTestMe Classroom2020 Introduction Video

A basic introduction to the main features of YouTestMe Classroom2020.

YouTestMe Classroom2020 – Academic calendars

Academic calendar organization and managment.

YouTestMe Classroom2020 – Study programs

Study programs & student groups organization and management.

YouTestMe Classroom2020 – Course organization

Course information and how they are organized.

YouTestMe Classroom2020 – Test creation & Managment

Test creation and management.

YouTestMe Classroom2020 – Content management

Lesson litterature and attachment organization.

YouTestMe Classroom2020 – Question organization

Question pools (banks) and how they are organized.

YouTestMe Classroom2020 – System security

System security features, roles and permissions.