Is it possible to run automated proctored exam on mobile?

Yes, it is possible to run automated proctored exams on mobile devices using Chrome or Safari browsers. However, the screen-sharing options are not available on mobile phones. Thus the video … Continue reading

Is it possible to return to a QR code test if it allows continuation?

Yes, it is possible to continue the test. As long as a candidate does not close the mobile browser, instead just minimizes it during the break, he will be able Continue reading

Is QR code for second camera same for everyone, or unique?

Yes, the QR code is unique and can’t be sent to others. Every candidate needs to log in to the test using his QR code.

For more information on proctoring Continue reading

Is it possible to hide some notifications during an automated proctoring exam?

Yes, it is possible to disable the desired notifications (i.e., “Conversation or noise in the background”).

Kindly note that if some of them are disabled, the system will not count Continue reading

Is it possible to review suspicious behavior by the candidate?

Once you access the recording of the candidate, you will be able to see the report and all suspicious behavior by a candidate.
1. Navigate to the Monitoring tab.
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What the “Found similar profile” warning means during the test-taking process?

“Found similar profile” warning means that the same or similar person took the test with proctoring from different YouTestMe profiles.
The system compares the photos taken at the beginning of
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What does “Post conclusion automatically” imply?

Implies that the system will automatically grade the proctoring session (candidate’s behavior) based on the specified session metrics and defined thresholds. The system automatically monitors the test attempt using various Continue reading

How “Verification of the person” works?

The candidate must capture the photo of the face and ID before starting the test. During the test, the system checks in real-time if the face in the front camera Continue reading

Can a proctored test be stopped/suspended automatically for any reason?

No. The automated proctoring solution allows you to monitor both the candidate’s screen and face. The browser is not locked by using the proctoring solution, and it will not stop/suspend Continue reading

Where are the settings for the automated proctoring feature?

In the latest version of the application, it is impossible to adjust metrics (behaviors) in the application due to security. You can still choose a list of metrics you want … Continue reading