Application is lagging, what should I do?

In case the application is lagging, please delete the caches, cookies and make sure you have a stable connection.Continue reading

What are the system requirements for YouTestMe GetCertified?

The minimum system requirements for running the YouTestMe application are the same as the minimum system requirements for running Google Chrome.

Here you can find the minimum system requirements for … Continue reading

Why the message “Not authorized to see content” appear after login?

When you are testing the application and logging in with an admin account and then with a student account the data is cached and therefore shows that the student cannot … Continue reading

How can the application be hosted?

You can use our hosting services (or a hosting provider of your choice) for cloud-based hosting, or you can use your servers and install the application on your premises, behind … Continue reading

Storage limit in YouTestMe GetCertified

There is no limit regarding the number of attachments, registered users, questions, tests, training courses.

To see more information about YouTestMe GetCertified main features, please check this link.

Also, to … Continue reading

What are system specs for syncing with external systems?

System specifications refer to details about the protocol of communication that the external system is using. Our system can adapt to any protocol of communication to successfully integrate with external … Continue reading

Do you offer fully managed cloud environment or is hardware managed by clients?

We offer both solutions. If the application is hosted on the cloud, the environment is managed and maintained by YouTestMe. In case you choose the virtual appliance and on-premise hosting, … Continue reading

Where to access for both participant & administrator hosted?

GetCertified is a web-based Java application that can be accessed via URL, regardless of the hosting. It applies to both participants and administrators, as the system supports administration within the … Continue reading

How to self-host the application?

YouTestMe GetCertified is delivered in a plug-and-play pre-configured Virtual Appliance, and as such, requires to be deployed via a hypervisor software. The host server can run any operating system, as … Continue reading