How can test-takers prepare themselves for a proctored test?

Here is the “Test-taking guide” template, as well as the video tutorial of the test-taking process proctoring option enabled.
Test-taking Guide
Test-taking with Live Proctoring.

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What happens if the student is late?

In the case of an automated proctored exam, the candidate can take it at any time that suits him the best within the testing window’s availability.

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Is there a systems test before taking the proctored exam?

Before organizing the official testing, we recommend creating a dummy test with some random questions carrying 0 points. The dummy test’s purpose is to help your candidates to get familiar … Continue reading

Which mobile browsers are supported for camera during the proctored test?

You may use the following browsers to scan the QR code and connect an additional mobile camera to a proctored test:
  • • Google Chrome
  • • Firefox
  • • Safari
  • • Brave
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What happens if phone runs out of battery during the test?

If the phone shuts down, the mobile phone camera will be disconnected, but the web camera will remain connected. The most important thing is that the mobile camera is turned … Continue reading

What happens if the phone rings during the test?

It depends on the phone and its settings.  On some phones, everything stays as it is even though the candidate answers the phone call.  On some phones, the mobile camera … Continue reading

Scrolling does not work on iOS Safari

In iOS Safari, scrolling inside IFRAME elements may not work when “Async Frame Scrolling” is enabled in Safari. You should disable this option “Settings -> Safari -> Advanced -> Experimental … Continue reading

The MediaRecorder error on iOS Safari

For the system to work correctly in iOS Safari, the MediaRecorder option must be enabled in the Settings → Safari → Advanced → Experimental Features → MediaRecorder.

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Proctoring does not start on iOS Safari

For proctoring to work correctly, you must disable the option “Settings -> Safari -> Privacy & Security ->Prevent Cross-Site Tracking.”

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