Classroom 2020 Product Comparison

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Internationalization – support various languages
Automated user notifications within appllication and by email
Create users and assign them custom persmissions
Organize users in groups
Create and assign user roles and permissions
Organize courses into tree-like hierarchy
Display course statistics such as average pass mark, success ratio per question
Export monthly course data summary into pdf file
Organize questions into question pools
Automatically randomize answers in questions using Answer Generator
Create questions using various fonts, symbols and graphs using built in rich text editor
Number of different built in question types
Load testes, questions, users, pools via spreedshets
Automatically generate tests using test generator
Limit access to the system for test taking only to a specific IP addresses
Ability to jump to any question in test
Export test to pdf file so tests can be done on paper as well
Review test results (personal report)
Display overall test summary report
Test report question statistics
Easy update – Getting latest app version with one click through the administrator panel
Register new user on log in screen
Secure login using username and password
Search all content from search bar
Copy/move questions between question pools
Create tests manually
User can continue test if allowed by setting created by examiner
Immediate auto grade – user can see current overall score after every answering question
Scheduled availiability of the test
Clone existing tests and create similar copies
System resources monitoring through system reports
Contact support through application
Control when to display test results to users doing test
Time limit can be set for entire test or per question
Use test templates to quickly create new tests
Filter questions by frequency factor and recent occurence in tests
Ability to use same questions across multiple tests
User-freindly navigation
Ability to assign more than one instructor to course or test
Predefine the difficulty to each question inside a test
Ability to batch import questions into test engine
Graphical representation of Test Timeline
Organize classes into courses
Subscribe and receive user results by email
Create disscussion forums about lessons
Add unlimited multimedia content to lessons and courses
Review recent content changes using change logs
Create courses with multimedia content organized in lessons and lesson chapters
User controled access to lessons content (publishing and unpublishing content)
Automatically adjust test difficulty based on user’s predefined skill level
Create unlimited question types and complex problems using Complex Problem Processor
Organize tests into categories
Create custom grading systems
Assign users with skill level relevant to particular course
and use it to personalize automated test generation
Set the Pass/Fail criteria
Browse and review achieved certificates
Certificates designer for creating custom certificates
Generate certificates as PDF files
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