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Using Webex – free alternative for automated proctoring

Live Proctoring with powerful Cisco Webex

Monitor your YouTestMe GetCertified exams in real-time free of charge with Cisco Webex. This solution brings you Live Proctoring that is:

  • Cost saving

  • Easy to use

  • Accessible and available to everyone

  • Appealing due to its familiarity and transparency

How to use it with YouTestMe

Organize a Webex meeting for your testing session

Monitor the test-taking and mark suspicious behavior in a predefined Excel sheet

Interact via video or chat with users

Record and review the test-taking through Webex dashboard

Input the results into the YouTestMe application to complete the report

Organize and review Webex Testing Session

  • Proctor creates a testing session in YouTestMe GetCertified which automatically creates a Webex meeting via Webex API

  • To avoid candidates seeing each other, due to Webex limitations, turn on the lockdown browser option in test settings.

  • Proctor unlocks the testing session when they join a meeting

  • Students click on the Start test button and automatically enter the Webex meeting

  • We suggest that students use mobile phones to record their screen and their testing environment

  • Proctor uses an excel template to mark the suspicious activities that can later be uploaded in YouTestMe GetCertified

  • Proctor can also pause a test attempt or the entire session

  • Proctor can review the recording if necessary, and navigate to the suspicious moments

  • You can leave a credibility grade, which will be included in the final score

Cisco Webex Meetings Server

Cisco Webex is a cloud-based web and video conferencing service that enables teams to collaborate on mobile devices and standards-based video systems in real time. It includes features such as screen sharing, meeting recording, and meeting broadcasting.
Benefits of using this cloud are:

  • A leading enterprise solution for video conferencing

  • Industry standard in business collaboration

  • A solution free of charge

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