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Looking for Cost-Effective Proctoring Solution

YouTestMe can be easily integrated with the WebEx conference service to provide you with an affordable alternative of professional proctoring tool or live proctoring on-premise, enabling monitoring examination process remotely in real-time.

Why Webex

WebEx is a cloud-based web and video conferencing service provided by Cisco. It is a leading
an enterprise solution that enables users collaboration on standard-based video
systems, including features such as meeting recording and broadcasting.


Easy to use

Appealing due to its
familiarity and transparency

Accessible and available
to everyone

Monitor and record
test session

prevents cheating

Monitor up to 25 users
on one screen

Highly reliable and secure

Additionally, utilized as a proctoring tool with our application, minimizes the risk of cheating by
enforcing the test-taker psychological effect. The awareness of surveillance adjusts candidate
behavior, e.g., when candidates know they are monitored, they won’t even try to cheat.

How it Works

1. Create a WebEx testing session in YouTestMe application

Proctor creates a WebEx testing session in YouTestMe GetCertified. The system
automatically schedules a WebEx meeting at the time of the testing session and notifies
the candidates by email.

2. Joining a meeting

Before the testing session starts, the proctor starts the WebEx meeting directly from
the testing session page and awaits the candidates to join the meeting.
The proctor keeps the testing session locked until all candidates join the meeting.
Candidates join the meeting from their assignments page.

3. Starting a test

When all candidates join the meeting, the proctor unlocks the testing session, and
candidates can start the test.

4. Testing session monitoring

Proctor monitors the testing session through the detailed event log in the
monitoring dashboard, audio, and video recordings from the WebEx meeting. If the
proctor notices the suspicious behavior, he can pause multiple candidates’ test
attempts to warn them.

5. Reviewing the ended testing session

Besides the live monitoring, a testing session can be reviewed after it ends through
the event log in the monitoring dashboard and recording of the WebEx meeting.
WebEx dashboard offers a meeting overview and easy navigation to the suspicious

6. Registering suspicious behavior

Proctor marks suspicious activities during or after the testing session in the predefined
Excel form, which can be uploaded back to YouTestMe and incorporated into reports.

7. Grading candidate behavior

Proctor can leave a credibility grade and include it in the final test score.

8. Accessing results reports

Proctor has a full overview of testing session analysis, candidate results, and various
reports in the YouTestMe application.


We are aware that WebEx is not a professional proctoring tool. Therefore it has some constraints when used in this practice. During the Webex conference call, participants can see and chat with each other, share screens, or switch to other applications. These are the Webex basic functions. The mentioned functions represent a limitation for the testing process because it allows test-takers to cheat during the examination.

YouTestMe software overcomes these issues by not allowing participants to use Webex once the test has started.


Depending on the volume of your testing sessions, including the number of
simultaneous testing sessions and the number of participants in each session, you
have to purchase an appropriate WebEx pricing plan. Each WebEx testing session
requires one WebEx host. For example, if you want to have five simultaneous WebEx
testing sessions, you will need to purchase a five-hosting pricing plan.

Every WebEx plan has a limitation on the number of meeting participants. You have
to choose your pricing plan according to the testing session’s maximal number. Our
recommendation is to have up to 25 participants by testing sessions for the best
proctoring experience covered by the basic WebEx pricing plans.

WebEx has monthly pricing plans, which is good since you don’t have to purchase
the program during the testing of inactive months.

Our team will help you decide the appropriate WebEx pricing plan depending on
your testing session volume.

Benefits of Using Webex and YouTeMe Integration

Audio/Video monitoring & YouTestMe cheating
prevention features (lockdown browser,
monitoring dashboard, answer and question
randomization) makes a high degree of
More cost-effective than specialized
proctoring solutions
Our support team will help you
with test creation and all configuration
between YouTestMe and Webex

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