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YouTestMe Products

For business and government

YouTestMe Getcertified

Web-based enterprise application for training, knowledge evaluation, certification & surveys (LMS).
Have full control over your application and data.
Designed for companies and government institutions.



YouTestMe Challenge

Lightweight web-based application for education through fun and entertainment. Built on YouTestMe GetCertified engine for demonstration purposes.
Browse through numerous tests and check your knowledge on specific subject. Have fun!

For colleges and universities

YouTestMe Classroom2020

Web-based Learning Management (LMS) and Knowledge Testing System (KTS) for colleges and universities.
Helps you to effortlessly organize and automate the learning and knowledge assessment process in your school.




You need a software or service

YouTestMe software is distributed as a virtual machine, easily deployable on the cloud, or in a customer’s data center. This is the best option for companies and institutions where control, data privacy, and security are the primary concern.


You need a specific feature or content

Custom software features and training/examination content can be developed for customers with specific requirements.

You want to have paper-based tests

Use our test generator to create your tests efficiently, export them to a print-ready PDF, and distribute them to candidates via e-mail or in paper format.

You want to organize users efficiently

YouTestMe software simplifies the user management process while keeping the configuration of user profiles, roles, and data maximally flexible.


You are already using other software

The YouTestMe on-premises solution can be integrated with any existing systems, including authentication (single sign-on), document management, and e-commerce systems.


You are a large organization

Our applications are developed using superior enterprise technologies, delivering a personalized, highly scalable, and reliable solution that can meet the needs of any large corporation or government.


You want to use proctoring on demand

Apply automated on-demand proctoring in YouTestMe GetCertified to reduce costs and “Record and Review” the entire exam session without hiring a live proctor.


You want to sell tests via a testing platform

Including E-commerce in your application allows you to process payments directly without the problem of multiple payment gateways, merchant bank accounts, and PCI compliance in safe mode.

You want to publish your test to different locations 

The testing sessions module allows you to organize the test for users at various locations (e.g., in different time zones, in different states, on different continents, etc.). Each of the testing sessions can have different testing locations, availability periods, and more.

You want to create a test with separate sections

When you need to create a test involving questions related to different areas, a section-based question organization comes in handy. It helps test creators to organize questions into logical groups with editable section names.

You want to include branching questions 

Create questions and connect them using the branching question option. It will guide the test taker in different directions, depending on his or her answer to the branched question.

You want to have a unique report

Get a specific insight into the test statistics by choosing among various types of standard predefined reports. Create custom and unique reports by using the report builder and its advanced transformations and filtering options. Easily manage your report’s accessibility, authorize access to it, and automize its sending.

YouTestMe products are designed to be used in wide range of organizations that require knowledge testing and learning.

Technical Details

“We are pleased for having an opportunity to educate our attendants

using modern solution tailored to our needs within our premises.”

SMATSA LLC - Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services

Solution for training and testing in SMATSA Aviation Academy