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YouTestMe Products

For business and government

YouTestMe Getcertified

Web-based enterprise application for training, knowledge evaluation, certification & surveys (LMS).
Have full control over your application and data.
Designed for companies and government institutions.


For colleges and universities

YouTestMe Classroom2020

Web-based Learning Management (LMS) and Knowledge Testing System (KTS) for colleges and universities.
Helps you to effortlessly organize and automate the learning and knowledge assessment process in your school.




You need a software or service

YouTestMe software is distributed as Virtual Machine, easily deployable on the cloud or in a customer’s data center. This is the best option for companies and institutions where control, data privacy, and security are of the highest concern.


You need a specific feature or content

Custom software features and training or examination content can be developed for customers with specific requirements.


You already have the software you use in the process

YouTestMe on-premises solution can be integrated with existing systems. This includes authentication systems (single sign-on), document management systems and e-commerce.


You are a large organization

Our applications are developed with major enterprise technologies, delivering a custom, highly scalable and reliable solution that can fulfill the needs of any large corporation or government.


You want to sell tests via a testing platform

Including E-commerce in your application gives you the opportunity to process payments directly without the problem of multiple payment gateways, merchant bank accounts, and PCI compliance in safe mode.


You want to use proctoring on demand

Applying automated on-demand proctoring in YouTestMe GetCertified you don’t need to schedule a proctor, get lower costs, and can “Record and review” the entire exam session.

YouTestMe products are designed to be used in wide range of organizations that require knowledge testing and learning.

Technical Details

“We are pleased for having an opportunity to educate our attendants

using modern solution tailored to our needs within our premises.”

SMATSA LLC - Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services

Solution for training and testing in SMATSA Aviation Academy