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About us

About the Company

YouTestMe is a suite of software developed by Malloc Corporation with headquarters in Toronto, Canada. The key features include test creation, test management, test-taking, item authoring, and an advanced reporting system.

Our software’s primary focus is not on the introduced content but instead on the application, which is meant to be a primary asset in the modern knowledge attainment process.

Our goal is to continuously develop our platform’s capabilities by following and creating new trends in the e-learning industry and always providing systematic yet simple knowledge testing, evaluation, and learning.

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Company history


Beginning of development

December 2012

YouTestMe Starter

November 2014

YouTestMe Classroom 2020

March 2015

YouTestMe Mobile Take Quiz

August 2015

YouTestMe GetCertified



Knowledge is meant to be shared

Simplicity is the best way

Success is moving forward together

Better than success team
Our Team

We are a dedicated team of e-learning and software professionals. Our varied backgrounds and work experiences allow us to understand the needs of our users. We are proud of our cohesive team and its success so far. Every day we strive together to make YouTestMe better for our clients.

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