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Classroom2020 All Features

Personal Profile

1.Personal InformationView and edit personal information, change your profile picture or password

2.Report CardTabular view of course`s status throughout semesters

3.SubscribersView the list of people subscribed to receive your test/survey results

4.PanelsTurn on/off full-size panels

Manage Users

1.List of All UsersTabular view of all users showing personal details and user status
2.Changing User StatusChoose between Active, Suspended, Locked and Deleted status
3.Export UsersExport users lists in PDF

4.Registration RequestsHandle registration requests by approving or rejecting them

5.Add New UserManually create new user profiles
6.Load UsersBulk-create user profiles by importing Excel template
7.User RolesUse default user roles such as: Administrator, Instructor, Student or create new ones

Academic Calendars

1.Time FramesDefine labels for time frames

2.Academic CalendarsDetermine duration of time frames (e.g. semesters)

3.Group StatisticsSee the average test results of a group and compare them to results of the individual members of a group


1.Manage ProgramsCreate and organize as many study programs as necessary, according to your school, college or other education institution requirements
2.Manage GroupsCreate and manage study groups and its members
3.Assign CoursesAssign pre-created courses to time frames (semesters)


1.Manage CoursesCreate and manage courses
2.Manage Course InstructorsAdd/remove instructors in charge of a particular course

3.Track Students ProgressGain insight into students’ course progress and into their overall studies progress

4.LessonsOrganize your course through lessons (chapters)
5.LiteratureEnrich lessons with 8 different multimedia file types:
– MP3
– MP4
– YouTube video
– Picture
– Google Docs
– ZIP archive
– External link
6.Progress TestOptionally, add progress tests after particular lessons to asses your students` knowledge
7.Supplemental TestCreate supplemental test for students that didn`t meet the test requirements

8.Add AssignmentOptionally, add assignments after particular lessons, in case students are required to do additional tasks

9.Lesson AvailabilityControl the availability and access time of your lessons

10.TestsSee the list of all tests assigned to a course, as well as charts with passed/failed/not attempted student status
11.StatisticsSee the graph showing the overall performance of students for all test within a given course

12.User ForumPost course related information, create discussion topics or allow your students to post their questions

Test Management

1.Manual Test CreationCreate tests with hand-picked questions from question pools(s)
2.Test NameDefine test names

3.Test DescriptionOutline test description

4.Test WeightDefine the significance of a particular test in relation to final grade

5.Pass MarkDefine the minimum requirements for a passing grade

6.Automated Test CreationAutomatically generate tests with unique set of questions for each user

7.Test TemplatesUse test templates for recurring tests with similar parameters (duration, question source pools, etc.)

8.Duration Type
#Duration TypeDescription
1.UnlimitedGive users unlimited time for test solving
2.Time per TestLimit the test duration to a specific time
3.Time per QuestionSet variable duration for each question within the test
11.Add Question Pool Resource(s)Add unlimited number of question pools

12.Assign all QuestionsAssign all questions from your question pool by clicking the ‘Assign All’ button

13.Penalty per QuestionSet the number of negative points for wrong answers (to easy, medium or hard questions)

14.Enable ContinuationIf users experienced interruption during the test, manually allow users to continue

15.Finish TestIf you want user(s) to finish the test sooner, i.e. user was caught cheating, you can manually terminate his/her test

16.Test ResetIf user(s) have failed the test or had some technical problems, manually reset their test and allow them to repeat. All previous attempts are saved automatically

17.Test ResultsAccess user`s test results and see their score, wrongly answered questions and time required to solve the test

18.Question Success RatioSee the ratio of right/wrong answers for each of the questions within the test

19.Question OccurrenceSee how many times questions have appeared in users’ tests

Question Management

1.Question OrganizationOrganize questions into question pools and sub-pools
2.Manage User Roles in Question PoolsDefine whether user(s) will be manager(s) of question pools or only its members
3.Load QuestionsBulk upload questions using Excel template
4.Add Different QuestionsChoose between 7 different question types
5.Duration Type – UnlimitedGive users unlimited time to complete their test
6.Question Types
#Question TypeDescriptionCan be graded automatically
1.Single ChoiceDefine one correct and unlimited number of incorrect answersYes
2.Multiple ChoiceDefine unlimited number of correct and incorrect answersYes
3.True or FalseDefine whether a statement is true or falseYes
4.MatchingDefine unlimited number of matching answersYes
5.OrderingDefine unlimited number of ordering answersYes
6.Fill in the blanksCreate questions that can have unlimited number of blanksNo
7.EssayCreate essay questions to be answered in free formNo
7.Rich Text EditorUse rich text editor to create questions or answers formatted according to your desires
8.Adding HyperlinksEnrich questions and answers by adding hyperlinks
9.Pictures in QuestionsAdd pictures to questions
10.Pictures in AnswersAdd pictures to answers
11.Points per QuestionDefine the number of points for correct answers
12.Penalty Points per QuestionDefine the number of negative points for incorrect answers
13.Question DurationDefine the question duration for Time per Question tests
14.Question DifficultySet the Easy, Medium or Hard question difficulty
15.Question FrequencyDefine the frequency of question repetition. Choose between Never, Rarely, Normal, Often and Always
16.Answer GeneratorChoose the number of correct and incorrect answers that will be displayed in individual cases, for each user to get different set of answers for the same question
#Assistance TypeDescription
1.Second attemptAdd assistance to questions in a form of a second attempt
2.Learning feedbackAdd assistance to questions in a form of additional information
3.Additional TimeAdd assistance to questions in a form of additional time
4.Minus One Wrong AnswerAdd assistance to questions in a form of removing one wrong answer
18.Penalty Points for AssistanceAdd penalty points for each of the assistances


1.Course ReportsSee various statistical data related to courses and compare the overall course results with individual (student) results
2.Test ReportsSee various statistical data related to tests and compare the overall test results with individual (student) results

System Settings

1.Add Mail ServerAdd/Edit/Remove unlimited number of mail servers
2.Internal NetworkLimit the access only to a list of specific IP addresses and/or domains
3.Custom BrandingPersonalize the application by uploading your logo