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Customization and onboarding

Flexible and Accessible Onboarding Process

Dedicated point-of-contact

Identifying and analyzing your exact needs

Online training sessions

Custom-made documents and videos for your use-case scenario

Step-by-step instruction manuals


  • Ability to accommodate different business models

  • Tailored workflows based on client’s requirements

  • Create custom features and reports

  • Edit application screens, delete and add fields

  • Create custom file-sharing templates

  • Brand the application with your colors and logos

  • Customize any part of the system to meet the requirements fully

  • Make the application look and work exactly as needed

  • Adaptation of YouTestMe API

  • Minimal prices for additional development

  • Agile development and fast delivery

  • We respect the client’s deadlines

How it Works

Typical phases of the customization project for any of the
YouTestMe solutions

1. Planning together

  • The client engages in the Discovery Phase of a 30-days free demo trial, getting familiar with YouTestMe software and finalizing the requirement

  • Ensuring all requirements are feasible within assigned time frames and the budget

  • The detailed project plan is produced, including a breakdown of all tasks, delivery dates, dependencies, and critical paths

2. Design and proof of concept

  • Detailed design for new modules and customization is presented to the client

  • Proposed design and technology are demonstrated to the client to ensure that the adopted approach will deliver the product that meets the requirements

3. Development, Customization, & integration

  • Development of new modules

  • Core refactoring and optimization (if required to meet new requirements)

  • Integration of all components

  • Functional/Unit testing

  • Data Conversion & Data Loading

  • Collecting reviews and feedbacks continuously to apply appropriate modifications after every step

4. Data Conversion & Data Loading

  • Data conversion from various media including videos, papers, and other digital media

  • The transformation from one digital format to another digital format

5. Testing

  • Integration Testing – performed by QA team to cover complete system (all functions are present and meet the requirements)

  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT) – the client will test the software in an environment that closely resembles the production environment regarding configuration, capacity, and usage scenarios

  • User Training - conducted using existing training materials (documents and videos), creating new, custom manuals and video instructions, or providing online training sessions

6. Production

  • Further implementation according to client’s feedback·

  • After final approval, the product is ready to be delivered, designed to have minimal or no maintenance requirements

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