What is the YouTestMe price match policy?

We will match the price against any other solution that provides the same features, functionalities, and possibilities.
Be prepared to present the qualifying competitor’s website link or document, with the … Continue reading

How can I use the 30-day money back guarantee?

If you decide to return your purchase at any time within 30 days, simply e-mail us, and we will issue your refund. If you decide to keep the software, you … Continue reading

How can I be advised on pricing plans?

To get the best advice on our price plans according to your scenario, volumes, and requirements, feel free to book a call with one of our sales representatives, no strings … Continue reading

Do you provide data loading services?

Yes, our team can load tests, questions, users, etc. You can specify a certain number of tests, questions, and users you would like our team to import as part of … Continue reading

What does the premium support package include?

The premium support package includes the following: 

   • Technical support via conference tools (Webex, Google meet, etc.), email, and phone

   • Regular software updates

   • Free previews … Continue reading

Do you additionally charge using the training course module?

No, the training course module is included in each software edition and all tiers.… Continue reading

Can I change plans?

Yes. With YouTestMe, you can upgrade, downgrade, or take a break in non-testing months. Continue reading

How many tests can an active user take per month?

One active user can take an unlimited number of tests per month.Continue reading

What if I go over my active user or test attempt count?

In that case, we offer two options: you can pay an overage per additional user or test attempt (according to your license model) or switch to the next tier.… Continue reading

What is a test attempt?

One test attempt represents one user starting a test once. When a user retakes a single test several times, each time is considered an additional test attempt.… Continue reading