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Mobile Take Quiz

Platform for developing practice test apps

Fast Delivery

The application
delivered in 7 days.

Your Branding

You choose the
graphical elements.


Launching the App

If you are not able to host it we
can provide you with a solution.

User Experience

Users choose a test.
They receive their result immediately.

Design Workflow

You choose the look and feel.
We do all the work.

1. Your logo and branding.
2. Pick your layout, colors, fonts, icons.
3. Your feedback. 
4. Approval and Implementation.

Mobile Take Quiz Applications Screens

Adding Questions

Provide us with content and we can load it into the application.
Or you can enter the questions into our template spreadsheets, and we will load it for FREE!

Any question type

Single choice, multiple choice,
true/false, ordering, matching,
fill in the blanks.

Excel Loading

Add questions using
a simple template.

Canadian Citizenship Screen


Insert images
into questions.

Precise Grading

The test results are shown
as an exact percentage.

App Example

Check out an example of one of our public apps – made in 7 days!

Canadian Citizenship

Check your knowledge of Canadian history, geography, economy, and the rights and responsibilities of being a Canadian citizen on your Android device. All questions are taken from the official documentation issued by the Canadian Government.

  • canadian-welcome
  • canadian-progress