• Full control over application & data

  • System and data installed in data center behind your firewall

  • Included: initial setup and content loading

  • Absolute data privacy

  • Operation in closed networks and without an internet connection

  • Distributed as pre-configured Virtual Machine

  • Deployed on premises within minutes

  • Various possibilities for customizations and integrations with other systems

  • Computer and/or paper-based examinations

  • Oracle enterprise technologies (Oracle ESL license included in the price)


  • Installation in cloud or on-premises

  • Customized approaches for small businesses or larger organizations

  • One application instance serves multiple users through a web browser

  • Computer and/or paper-based tests

  • Automated training and examination processes

  • Automatic certificate issuing

  • In-app customization of the logo & corporate colors

  • Strong benefits in HR, training & compliance departments

  • Extensive reporting

  • Enterprise or standard technologies (Oracle ESL license included in price)

Main Features

User Organization

GetCertified simplifies the user management process, still giving you the maximum flexibility for configuration of user profiles, user roles and data.

  • Quick overview of all current tasks

  • Easy navigation through search bar and quick actions

  • Organize users in groups and sub-groups

  • Keep data about inactive users and groups, by archiving them

  • Assign users with permissions to access system functions

  • Attach notes and different documents to user profiles

  • Get notified about the user progress by subscribing to his/her profile

  • Bulk upload user profiles using our Excel templates

  • Control the sign up process by approving/rejecting registration requests

  • Customize welcome note to newly registered users

  • Automated email notifications and reminders

Questions for tests and surveys

Beside the questions settings and types that you need in everyday testing, GetCertified goes on step beyond by adding smart concepts for higher question variability, adjustability and cheating prevention. Question features include:

  • Choice between 8 different question types

  • Include multimedia content in questions and answers

  • Set up textual hints to assist users while answering questions

  • Automatically randomize the selection and order of answers to minimize the possibility of exam cheating

  • Define frequency of question occurrence in exams

  • Label difficulty as easy, medium or hard

  • Prepare questions offline in MS Excel and upload them into the system at your convenience

  • Weighted answers for survey questions

  • Add assistance to the question in a form of additional time

  • Add assistance to the question in a form of removing one wrong answer

Question banks

Questions are organized in question pools also known as question banks. Question organization also includes:

  • Control access to question pools to certain users and by roles (read-only or read-write)

  • Unlimited number of question pools and sub-pools (banks)

  • Unlimited depth of question sub-pool hierarchy

  • Prepare questions offline in MS Excel and upload them into question pool or sub-pool

  • Copy questions between question pools

  • Any combination of question pools can be used as an input for the automated test generation

Training Courses

GetCertified is an excellent solution for step-by-step training procedures and employee compliance training. Training module allows you to create and fully customize each step of your users’ learning experience. It is easily expandable with the ability to attach an unlimited number of multimedia learning materials. Tests can be added at the end of the part and/or the end of the complete learning session.

Training Courses include features such as:

  • Multiple managers

  • Direct assignment to students/groups

  • Pin training to dashboard so every current or new user can access it (global or welcome training)

  • Engaging users by adding multimedia to training courses

  • Include mini tests between training sections

  • Award users with certificates after successful test completion

  • Track user progress throughout the courses by looking at the progress bars and the current step pointers for each user

Testing & Certification

GetCertified can automatically generate an unlimited number of unique tests based on predefined criteria. Each test can be associated with the attractive looking certificate which will be awarded to the user upon successful test completion.

  • Automatically generate tests using Test Generator

  • Create tests manually by choosing questions from question pools

  • Use test templates to quickly generate tests

  • Easily clone existing test

  • Create computer-based test or paper-based test

  • Schedule tests for any time in the future

  • Allow users to retake the same test

  • Set test/Certificate validity after which retaking is required (Certificate renewal)

  • Tests can have multiple managers

  • Directly assign test to students/groups

  • Pin test to dashboard so every current or new user can access it (global or welcome test)

  • Share test using HTML link for external users

  • Control whether the test can be paused (within the allowed time)

  • Customize test introduction and text exit screens

  • Save a test as a template for future use

  • Use Certificate Designer to create attractive looking certificates

  • Prepare tests offline using predefined Excel template

Paper Based Testing

Create your tests efficiently with GetCertified’s test generator, export them to a print-ready PDF and distribute them to candidates via email or in a paper form. YouTestMe GetCertified can generate answer keys as well, which can help you quickly evaluate paper-based tests.

Surveys & Profiling

An advanced module that allows creation of professional, engaging surveys and profiles. Surveys and profiling in GetCertified will help you conduct:

  • Automated profiling using weighted answers

  • Storing an unlimited number of survey questions

  • Mapping surveys to different profiling

  • Generation of employee screening surveys

  • Planning employee`s career by using survey results

  • Survey can have multiple managers

  • Directly assign Survey to students/groups

  • Pin Survey to dashboard so every current or new user can access it (global or welcome survey)

  • Share Survey using HTML link for external users (collect results and user data)

Reports & Statistics

GetCertified online examination and certification software can track the progress of its users and user groups. By using report builder you will be able to create reports that provide a detailed insight into statistical data. Some of the features included:

  • Automatic assessment (grading & feedback)

  • Detailed reports of user performance and user groups test performance

  • Correlations of a person’s performance with the other individuals in the group

  • Easily compare results of users and user groups

  • Research test data using more than 60 custom reports

  • Export report data to MS Excel™

  • Scheduled data transfer via FTP/SFTP

System & Data Security

GetCertified implements advanced control of the access to specific functions and data. System security features include:

  • Control access to specific software feature by creating custom security role

  • Easy assignment of a security role to the user

  • Allow access to the YouTestMe system only to specific computers

  • HTTPS encrypted communication

  • Username/password-based authentication

  • Host entire system within your data center and behind your firewall

Personal Themes & Branding

Personalize GetCertified by using your branding colors and positioning company`s logo on the log-in page:

  • Attach your company`s logo

  • Adjust the application colors according to your corporate branding

  • Choose a custom domain name (available on Cloud hosting)

Additional services

Automated Proctoring

ProctorEdu is an automated proctoring solution integrated with YouTestMe GetCertified. It enables remote examinations without the need to hire proctors. ProctorEdu will enable you to track the following events:

  • Human face recognition

  • Opening of restricted pages in the browser

  • Window browser that is not maximized

  • Change of focus to a different window

  • Additional display is attached

  • Absence of human face in front of the camera

  • Multiple or unauthorized faces in front of the camera

  • Abnormal activity on the screen


Active Directory Integration

Active Directory (AD) is a directory service for Windows domain networks. It manages all users and computers via LDAP in the Windows domain type network. Adding AD users from existing domain to GetCertified and updating user information are some of its features, along with:

  • User authentication through AD credentials

  • Mapping of AD groups to GetCertified roles (coming soon)

  • Integration with other LDAP based directory services (coming soon)

Customization & Integrations

You didn`t find everything you were looking for? No problem at all. GetCertified online exam and certification software is easily customizable and can be integrated with other systems. Some of the newest progress in this field includes:

  • REST API support

  • E-Commerce integration (PayPal ready)

  • Automated Proctoring with ProctorEdu

  • Salesforce (in beta)

  • SAML (coming soon)

  • More coming soon

Data Digitalization & Loading

Digitalization process is an effective, economical process that substitutes for time-consuming and monotone task of manually entering content. We will save hours of your time by transferring and loading your data, including the ones in paper form.

YouTestMe Application Hosting

We offer a solution of storing products securely on our Cloud servers, so not having the infrastructure for hosting our products is no hindrance at all. Software rental is another option and is an integral part of our cloud package. Our servers are located in Canada and France.

YouTestMe Support And Training

Apart from the standard support package, containing product documentation and video tutorials, it is also possible to schedule additional support using: Cisco WebEx, Skype and Personal Administrator.

On-site visits and individual assistance is also possible. Our Support team will be pleased to arrange live presentations and training session for you and your staff. Contact us for more information.

GetCertified has more than 100 features. Take a look at our complete features list!

GetCertified Software Purchase BENEFITS

  • Pay once, use forever

  • Full application ownership and control

  • The application is not shared with multiple clients

  • Host system in your data center or on the cloud

  • Suitable for additional customization and integration

  • Easy backups and migration to different physical server

  • One year of free support

  • 30-day money back guarantee

Pricing PLANS

All plans come with unlimited possibilities for content creation!

Perfect for medium sized departments
US$16,800 one-time fee

No internet connection is required
Unlimited number of registered users
Up to 100 concurrent users
Free customer support & hosting in the first year
Optional support from the second year on for US$900/yr
Request a Demo

Perfect for large organizations
Contact us

Unlimited number of registered users
More than 100 concurrent users
Data Digitalization & Loading
Automated Proctoring, Active Directory Integration
Request a Demo
Great for small business
US$75/application user one-time fee

Free for the first 20 users
Free hosting & support
US$900/yr fee
Request a Demo

For big companies with medium frequent usage
US$9,700 one-time fee

Up to 100 concurrent users
Free hosting & support in the first year
After the first year the hosting and support is US$900/yr
Request a Demo
Custom-tailored for corporations with frequent usage
Contact us

Data Digitalization & Loading
Automated Proctoring, Active Directory Integration
Request a Demo


What is the difference between on-premise & cloud plan?

The difference is in the location of hosting the application. With On-premise plans, you become the owner of the application and decide whether you want to host the application on YouTestMe cloud servers or in data center within your institution. The hosting on YouTestMe cloud server is free of charge during the first year.

With Cloud plans, the application is hosted and maintained on YouTestMe cloud servers, in which case you are renting the application.

I would like to purchase on-premise GetCertified Standard Edition, what`s next?

As soon as your payment has been confirmed, we will promptly provide all the necessary information and begin the shipping process

What is the average delivery time?

Delivery time can vary depending on the payment.

  • Wire transfer –up to 5 business days upon the payment
  • PayPal/Credit Card –up to 5 business days upon the payment
  • Cheque –up to 20 business days upon the payment

Do I become the owner of the software if I purchase one of the cloud packages?

No, with cloud packages you are only renting the software, Nevertheless, you keep full control over the data. At any time you have the option to redeem the software. The price depends on the chosen cloud package:

  • Per user package –US$16,800, one-time fee
  • Unlimited number of users package –US$7,100 = US$16,800 – US$9,700

What is the “Per user” cloud package?

Per user cloud package is a great solution for small businesses, with costs not exceeding US$900 per year. For more than 20 users there will be an additional one-time fee of US$75 per user.

What is the “Unlimited number of users” cloud package?

In this package you can have an unlimited number of registered users. The only limit is in the terms of concurrent users. YouTestMe GetCertified Standard Edition supports up to 200 concurrent users.

If you have more than 200 concurrent users, please send us a quote for Enterprise Edition.

Are there any limits in the terms of data creation and concurrent users?

There are no limits in terms of data creation, as long as the host server provides the necessary hardware performance. The numerous possibilities will allow you to create an unlimited number of:

  • Users
  • Questions
  • Tests
  • Surveys
  • Training courses
  • Literature for training courses
  • Certificates
  • Test templates

YouTestMe GetCertified Standard Edition supports up to 100 concurrent users (i.e. 100 users doing the test at the same time) and while there will be no limitations imposed by the application itself, you might experience a degradation of performance with a higher number of concurrent users. With Oracle Database Licence the usage is limited to 2 CPU`s.

In order to host a larger number of concurrent users, we suggest upgrading to Enterprise Edition of GetCertified with Enterprise Oracle Database.

This version of the application has no limits in terms of maximum number of CPU’s. Please note that if the Standard Edition of GetCertified is purchased, it can be upgraded to Enterprise version at any time.

Is the price of Oracle Database included in the software price?

Our software is distributed with Oracle 12c database and its perpetual license is already included in the price.

If you own your own Oracle database it is possible to use it with YouTestMe Application instead of a database distributed with the YouTestMe software.

There are several advantages of using your own Oracle database:

  • YouTestMe system price is discounted for US$1,000
  • You have a full control and direct access to all data. For example, you have an option to use applications other than YouTestMe to access YouTestMe data directly
  • There are fewer Oracle licensing restrictions if you would like to customize or integrate YouTestMe system with other systems

What kind of training and support do you provide?

During the first year, we provide free support including:

  • 24/7 email technical support
  • Software updates (hot fixes and patches)
  • Software upgrades (new versions of the software)
  • Free previews of new application upgrades
  • Assistance with installing application upgrades
  • Up-to-date user manuals, upgrade manuals and best practice instructions for users and system administrators

After this free trial period, support can be extended for US$900/year.

Please note that in “Per user” cloud package, free support is included as long as you are subscribed to that package.

Advanced support includes video chats and customizable grading systems. The premium level of support also includes telephone call support and one or more personal administrators.

Each client will be provided with starter video tutorials and adequate documentation. If you feel that you need additional support, we can provide several types of training – personal administrators, telephone/Skype sessions or presentations. These services are charged separately.




GetCertified Introduction Video

A basic introduction to the main features of GetCertified.

GetCertified – Question Pools

Question types and how they are organized.

GetCertified – Security

System security features, roles and permissions.

GetCertified – User Groups

User organization and user management.

GetCertified – Reporting System

System and custom reports and statistics.

GetCertified – Managing Tests & Certificates

Test management, certificates and test questions.

GetCertified – Managing Surveys

Survey management, profiling and survey questions.



YouTestMe Introduction

YouTestMe Introduction.

GetCertified Product Brochure

GetCertified general information.

GetCertified User Manual

GetCertified User Manual.

GetCertified Features List

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