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Sample Tests

The enlisted tests demonstrate various features of the YouTestMe GetCertified software.
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Artificial Intelligence Basics

The future needs visionary thinkers. Discover if you are one!


Does Hollywood fascinate you? If so, check how much you know about the most famous awards!

Queen Beyonce

Find out if you belong to the buzzing Beyhive!

World of Warcraft

This fantasy universe is waiting for your arrival only if you know a lot about WoW!

Food and Drinks Fun

Find out if you’re the ultimate hedonistic connoisseur!

American Football

Show us if you are a true fan of the most popular sport in the USA!

Serial Killer Special

Dive into the world of the most notorious murderers!

TV Shows and Movies Mania

Show us if you’re a human encyclopedia on TV shows and movies!

Luxury Brands

Is fashion in your DNA? Find out here!

The Strictest Laws in the World

Double-check how much you know about rigorous laws globally!

Global Etiquette

Unwritten rules can be tricky. Test yourself and find out which ones sound familiar!

Coffee Culture

If you’re a hardcore coffee lover, then this is the perfect test for you!

Greek Mythology God(desse)s

Pass this test, and get yourself a seat with the Olympian gods!

Sacred Snakes

Only the bravest can approach the most dangerous reptiles. Are you one of them?

Fabulous Femme Fatale

How well do you know the history of dangerous women? Find out now!

Olympic Games

Find out how much do you know about one of the most important international sports events!

Cyber Security

Are you familiar with the term ‘cyberspace’? If so, this is the perfect test for you!

Famous Art

If you like art, this is the right test for you. Check it out!


Take the test and find out if you’re a true fashionista!

Maestro Messi

See how much you are informed about one of the best football players ever!

Blockchain Basics

Is cryptography your mother tongue? If so, reveal your skills!

Design Thinking

Is creative problem-solving a natural talent for you? Find out now!

Basketball Buzz

The rules of basketball can be tricky. Take this test as a challenge!

Prepare for Mortal Kombat

If you got what it takes… FINISH IT!

Cosmopolitan Cities

Are you an urban tourist? Take a tour through this test!

The Godfather Trilogy

The evergreen movies about the famous mafia family are about to test you out!

Trick or Treat!

The magical night of witches and ghosts! Are you familiar with the story behind this beloved holiday?

The Most Controversial Movies Ever

Do you have the stomach to answer these questions? Show us now!

Texas Hold ’em

Maintaining a poker face is not enough for this test. Try it out now!

Marilyn Monroe Magic

The mystery, the glamour, and fame! Reveal as much as you can about this iconic persona!

Seven Wonders of The World

Discover the most breathtaking places of the past and present with this test!

Star Wars Whizz

What’s the level of your wisdom of the most famous galaxy war ever? Check it out!

Chocolate Celebration

Dive into the kingdom of chocolate and see how much you understand it!

Phenomenal Photography

Do you think you know what it takes to make a perfect photograph? Test yourself and find out!

Car Enthusiast

If you are a true petrolhead, this is the test for you!