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YouTestMe products are designed to be used in a wide range of organizations that require knowledge testing and learning.

YouTestMe products are delivered as a Virtual Appliance, a pre-configured “turnkey” enterprise application server.

Once installed, it can be immediately accessed by a large number of users simultaneously using only a web browser.

YouTestMe Virtual Appliance

YouTestMe is a complex server-based system. It consists of YouTestMe application, Oracle Linux host operating system, Postgres Database, scripts, and utilities. They are all packaged in one pre-configured Virtual Machine, also called the Virtual Appliance. Virtualization is a powerful enterprise software concept that greatly simplifies the distribution, installation, configuration, and maintenance of complex computer systems.


Very complex computer systems are packaged in a pre-configured Virtual Appliance, hence very easy to install


Virtual Appliance does not depend on the underlying operating system


It is easy to assign additional virtual memory or virtual disk space to the Virtual Appliance


Backup and renewal of the entire system is quick and simple


Migrating Virtual Appliance from one server to another is fast and convenient

Youtestme Software Package

To run a virtual machine, a “hypervisor” software is required. YouTestMe is supported on the following major hypervisor software:

Hypervisor SoftwareDescriptionPrice
Oracle VirtualBoxSuitable for workstations and small to medium serversFree Download
VMware PlayerSuitable for workstations and small to medium serversLicense
VMware ESXiUsed in data centers. Contact your system administrator for additional informationLicense

System Requirements

CPU2 Virtual CPU Cores4 Virtual CPU Cores
HDD120 GB200 GB
Network ConnectionYesYes

Note that the above requirements are for the YouTestMe virtual machine. The physical machine should have at least 4 GB RAM and 50 GB free disk space, more than the above-stated requirements to install on a workstation or small server. If you install VM on a “bare metal” server with hypervisors such as ESXi, then the above requirements are equal to what you need to be available on the physical server.


  • Standard versions of YouTestMe Virtual Appliance should run on servers with up to two physical CPUs
  • Enterprise version of YouTestMe Virtual Appliance can run on servers with more than 2 physical CPUs
  • YouTestMe Virtual Machine should have a minimum of 2 virtual CPU cores assigned. This is required by the Linux operating system within a virtual machine.

YouTestMe Product Versions

Depending on the client’s requirements, we offer our clients standard and enterprise versions of our products.

While the standard version of our applications is suitable for small businesses, government agencies, or schools with a small number of users, the enterprise versions of our products can be used in businesses, governments, and educational institutions of any size. Enterprise versions of our products can deliver high performance or high performance and high availability.

Standard product version
1 Virtual Machine
100 Registered Users
Up to 50 Concurrent Users
Postgres Database
Standard product version
1 Virtual Machine
500 Registered Users
Up to 50 Concurrent Users
Postgres Database
Standard product version
1 Virtual Machine
Unlimited Number of Registered Users
Up to 50 Concurrent Users
Postgres Database
Enterprise product version
4 Virtual Machines
Unlimited Number of Registered Users
Up to 200 Concurrent Users
Postgres Database
Enterprise Plus
Enterprise, high performance and high availability version
6+ Virtual Machines
Unlimited Number of Registered Users
Unlimited Number of Concurrent Users
Postgres Database

Additional Database

Having an additional Postgres database guarantees high availability, redundancy, and data balancing. An additional database ensures an uninterrupted testing process by relieving the load on the primary database.

Seamlessly integrate other systems with YouTestMe GetCertified

Complete reporting, daily backups, and other processes while preserving the primary database security and performance

Provide secure, direct access to your personnel for data analysis and system support

Delivery Options

YouTestMe product package can be shipped on a memory key or downloaded from our servers via the internet.