Technical Details

How our Products Work

VM Illustration

YouTestMe products are designed to be used in wide range of organizations that require testing and learning.

YouTestMe products are delivered as a Virtual appliance, a pre-configured “turnkey” solution that simplify deployment for our customers by eliminating the need for manual configuration of the Virtual Machines and Operating Systems used to run the appliance.

Virtual Appliance Explained

There are many advantages of using the concept of a Virtual Appliance:

  1. Very complex computer systems are packaged in a pre-configured Virtual Appliance, hence very easy to install.
  2. Virtual Appliance does not depend on the underlying operating system.
  3. It is easy to assign additional virtual memory or virtual disk space to the Virtual Appliance.
  4. Backup and restore of the entire system is quick and simple.
  5. Migrating Virtual Appliance from one server to another is fast and convenient.