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Using proctoring software

Automated Proctoring

The system automatically monitors the test-taking process via web camera, microphone, and screen sharing

Live Proctoring

A certified proctor personally monitors the test-taking process in real-time


The system automatically monitors the test-attempt using 8 behavioral trackers and records the entire process, marking the moments of suspicious behaviors. Once the exam is finished, the system generates a credibility report and stores the exam footage for the optional subsequent human validation and review.

  • Screen-sharing, web camera, microphone

  • Automated behavior monitoring

  • Credibility report


A certified proctor supervises the exam in real-time, watching the test-taker’s surroundings and desktop to rule out cheating personally. The video of the test with highlighted times of suspicious behavior and an automatically generated report are available after a test-attempt if further review is needed.

  • Screen-sharing, web camera, microphone

  • Live and automated behavior monitoring

  • Video archiving

How it Works

The set-up procedure for an online proctored exam is simple and quick

Test administrator/Proctor

Make a test with a proctoring option and assign candidates and proctors

Click on the camera icon in the monitoring tab to be redirected to the proctoring system

Interact via video or chat with users

Download credibility report or review the session recording


Complete the automated equipment check and allow the camera and microphone usage

Let the system take your photo

Show your identification document (optional)

Allow the sharing of your screen when prompted

Start the test

Why Choose our Online Proctoring Solutions?

Automated and Live Proctoring reduce the possibility of cheating to the
absolute minimum, allowing you to administer secure and valid remote tests.
Our proctoring solution enables you to:

Monitor the test-taking process of an
unlimited number of candidates in real-time

Supervise up to 25 candidates simultaneously
on one screen

Record all proctoring sessions

Review a detailed report for each test attempt

Examine suspicious situations subsequently

The proctoring system automatically tracks the following events:

  • The absence of a human face in front of the camera

  • Multiple or unauthorized faces in front of the camera

  • Opening of any additional page in the browser

  • Exiting the full-screen mode

  • Background noise or conversation

  • Changing the focus to a different window

  • Having an additional display

  • A muted microphone

  • Unrecognized typing patterns

Main Benefits of YouTestMe Proctoring Solutions

Convenience and comfort

Students can take exams anytime and anyplace. This method is convenient both for students and test managers since it requires no previous scheduling and allows the option of taking practice tests to help optimize test-taking performance.


The use of technology means a significantly lower cost (by 30-40 percent) than human-based approaches, which allows our clients to lessen the financial burden on themselves and the test-takers.


With this method, technology is used for self-service and the system architecture allows an unlimited number of tests to be taken simultaneously by an unlimited number of users.

Professional review and accountability

Exam sessions are first monitored by the computer or proctor and their recordings can afterward be reviewed by other proctors or administrators. Multiple reviews ensure the validity of the exam results.


The security system enables our clients to choose how many security layers and reviews they wish their proctored tests to have. Also, they can choose between having the proctors from their own organization or hiring YouTestMe proctors.

We are offering an alternative live proctoring solution using YouTestMe GetCertified and Webex platform FREE of charge.

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