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What is a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)?

It is not a simple task, explaining virtual learning environment to someone who has little to no experience with a virtual classroom. It does not entail only virtual learning environment software, but there are exam software and other components as well.

The Breakdown of a VLE – What is it?

Simply put, this is a learning platform that is entirely web-based, and it covers all the aspects of the educational process, although it is usually employed by an educational institution of some kind. Of course, all of these aspects are digital – after all, that is the whole point. All of the participants are organized into virtual groups and they have to share their resources and interact with one another. Just like in a normal classroom, except there is not singe physical location they have to be present at. This is a huge advantage in terms of saving money, time and resources, but only if conducted properly.

The difference between this type of learning platform and its competitors is that VLEs are far more used and widely accepted by the academic community. In fact, almost all of the higher institutions dedicated to learning have adopted it in some form, especially in the English-speaking countries.

How Complex is a VLE?

A VLE typically contains several key elements, although these tend to vary in some instances. Still, there are some common themes. The whole principle is extremely complex, since it is supposed to cover as many scenarios as possible, but it is also surprisingly easy to implement, so as not to turn away prospective clients. Even the instructors have no problems fulfilling all of the goals they have set, for themselves and for their students. This is because the user-end has been extremely simplified and all of the complex part is left to the institutions themselves. They are meant to be complex to design, but easy to handle, so this is probably their best quality.

As for the actual features, some of them simply have to be included, regardless of other issues. For instance, it would not be practical to run a course without a full syllabus. Also, transparency is quite important so most of these platforms offer copious amounts of data on all of the details related to their courses. From the information on their instructors, to prerequisites and payment methods, everything can be found online.

Also, almost any platform of this type features some sort of a notice board (more specifically, its virtual equivalent) and some may offer to hold additional sessions, even if the student wants to attend them in person.

Upgrading from a Traditional to a Virtual Learning Environment

There is definitely some kind of rustic charm to being in the physical classroom and interacting with your instructors and professors in the flesh – future students will never know what they are missing out on. Or perhaps they will, since there is no way that the conversion to a Virtual Learning Environment will be 100%.

The fact is, some things you have to learn in person, and there are some kinds of training that require you to get down and dirty. Still, most of the learning, at least the part that is done in a classroom will soon be delegated to its virtual counterpart. Why?

For one, since computers are becoming more and more widespread, it is already possible to organize entire study groups. The cost effectiveness as well as the fact that this learning method is a lot more time-friendly has already convinced many of the higher learning institutions. Besides, as more and more people jump on the wagon, soon enough this will become the norm. Since VLE is a lot more affordable and available, its popularity can easily skyrocket, especially among those who cannot afford the time and tuition for “live” lessons.

Even though we are not quite at the point where this method of learning can supplant the traditional one, we are certainly getting there.

Who is the VLE for?

VLE is for everybody – that is the beauty of it! The question is not whether to go for it, but which one is the best for your individual or business needs. Current vendors tend to vary in terms of the quality of their content, the number of users, prestige they enjoy as well as many other factors. In order to get the most bang for your buck, you need to make sure that their offer is exactly what you need, and do not limit yourself to current plans –try to think ahead, to anticipate your needs in times to come. The right choice has to be there for you all the time, not just when it suits them. Come to think of it, there is only one real choice here… There is only one solution that can help you regardless of other things, such as the number of users you have, or the type of content.

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