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The modern times have brought forth new challenges into education worldwide. However, this doesn’t refer only to educational institutions (colleges and schools) but businesses as well. YouTestMe team members have written several articles that might help you by providing more insight into the real-life situations, common errors, things you should pay attention to and much more. Check them out below!

7 Must-Have Features in a Virtual Learning Environment

Virtual Learning Environment Must have Features

What is Virtual Learning Environment? Virtual learning environment is including computers and internet as well as tools offered by it in the classroom. They are used to make students interested in a specific subject or topic and also make them bring better results at the end. Many tools are offered by this new software which […]

Automated Software Testing

Automated Software Testing

Automated software testing is becoming more and more important for many software projects in order to automatically verify key functionality, test for regressions and help teams run a large number of tests in a short period of time. There are various tools that help software teams build and execute automated tests. Many teams are actively […]

Educational Technology – How to Apply it Effectively

Educational Technology - Man at Computer

Appliance of educational technology in employee training has scarcely been more important and thought after. When two similar companies collide on the open market, the one with superior workforce usually wins. That means constant investing in employee training and development, including training software as well as certification software for those who can afford it. The […]

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Employee Training – Government Edition

Employee Training and Certification and Motivation

Little known fact: employee training is not just for quiz makers and private companies! Government training and state testing are also important on a much larger scale. It just so happens that the private sector is not the only one in need of skilled workforce. Regardless of what you may have heard about government employees […]

Virtual Classroom – a Ticket for Modern Education

Virtual Classroom is Sending Traditional Classroom to History

Virtual classroom is one of those things that never seem to get old. There are shows from early ’90s talking about the possibility of kids learning things from their TV sets rather than going to school. Of course, back then, interactive software and live feed from cameras was the stuff of science fiction, let alone […]

Employee Certification in a Modern Way

Employee Certification

Employee certification is a major tool for modern businesses, but there are lots of things to consider – after all, who could be trusted with such an important task? Major companies have plenty of resources for their own certification, but most businesses resort to other means. Online certification, for instance is a splendid new way […]

Learning with a Learning Management System

Learning Management System

A Learning Management System is often abbreviated to LMS, and it incorporates usage of different elements such as e-learning software in order to pass the necessary knowledge and skills to the interested parties. This type of educational software usually incorporates its own online examination system, which is in many ways the most important part of […]

What is a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)?

Virtual Learning Environment Word Cloud

It is not a simple task, explaining virtual learning environment to someone who has little to no experience with a virtual classroom. It does not entail only virtual learning environment software, but there are exam software and other components as well. The Breakdown of a VLE – What is it? Simply put, this is a […]

Knowledge Management – Traditional vs. Modern Testing

Knowledge Management - Modern Testing

As knowledge management becomes one of the key areas for future development, experts still debate the merits of traditional testing and compare it to the computer-based one. Whether it comes to making adjustments to the Learning Management System (LMS), or testing solutions regarding Virtual Learning Environments (VLE), some people still prefer the old ways over […]

E-Learning – Content Vs. Tool

History of E-learning The first E-learning Software, or Learning Management Software (LMS) were created in the 1990s and were oriented mostly towards schools and educational institutions. Their origins go back to integrated learning systems (ILS) which offer additional functionality beyond instructional content such as management and tracking, more personalized instruction, and integration across the system. […]