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Why HR Needs to Invest in Exam and Survey Software

When it comes to hiring and training new employees, as well as evaluating the performance of existing ones, the human resources department often has its hands full with a challenging and tedious job. There is a lot of information involved with surveying and testing the knowledge of employees. Handling all this information can often be challenging and take considerable time. In the last decade, technology has become advanced enough for computers to take over a big part of this process with the help of specific survey software.

When it started developing, this kind of software was rather clunky, inefficient, and not that easy to use, but as time passed, it improved drastically. Many companies are switching to this approach regarding surveying and testing employees.

Exam & Survey Software vs. The Conventional Approach

In this post, we’d like to sum up some of the differences between using exam software, as well as survey software as a means of employee evaluation in your company, and the conventional approach where everything is done by pen and paper, ultimately trying to figure out which approach is more efficient and will thus help save the company both time and money.

One of the things that the conventional approach has going for it is that most people are used to it; everyone can take a piece of paper, write something down and use that relatively simple skill to construct a test and gather helpful information about the company’s workforce.

The problem with this approach is that it takes a considerable amount of time, and when you have a lot of employees, it is a very tedious process. If your number of workers is twenty or fewer, it might make less sense to invest in a good piece of survey software, but as soon as that number grows, you’ll see that the workload can get a bit out of hand.

Multimedia Aids

Another issue with conventional testing and surveying via the pen-and-paper approach is that you’re limited in the type of information you can include in your test. Tests are mostly text and simple images and graphs when required. Many studies have proven that people learn much more quickly and efficiently when presented with more tangible material, such as audio and video.

Imagine teaching a programmer how to code using a piece of paper. You’d have to have them write the program down on a piece of paper, have no way for them to test it efficiently, and then you’d have to input their “answers” into your computer later to see if everything checks out. By using sophisticated exam software, this whole process can become automated and interactive, and therefore much more efficient at teaching employees what they need to learn and ultimately testing their knowledge.

Automation and Consistency

Humans make mistakes – that is a fact of life. They mainly make many mistakes when it comes to tedious, repetitive tasks; this is one area where a computer will always be superior. Once you explain how to perform a specific task, it will perform it the same way no matter how many times it has to do it.

With humans, it’s an entirely different story. The time during which we can focus on a single, repetitive task is limited, only a few hours at best, so by using exam software, you’re making sure that the results you’re getting will always be consistent and correct.

No Cheating

One of the biggest concerns when using automated testing software is whether it will be easier for people to cheat just because they’re using a computer. After all, anyone can use Google to find the correct answer in mere seconds.

However, most exam software developers have already considered this problem and implemented some efficient solutions in their software. When taking an online test, you can’t alt-tab out of the software; you can’t take screenshots or do anything else that would allow you to cheat. We’d go as far as to say that it’s harder to cheat using testing software, so in the end, tests conducted in this manner might be more reliable.

Reading Speed Difference?

You’ve probably often heard the argument against reading off a screen that elaborates our reading speed is significantly hindered when reading off a screen because of a relatively high refresh rate. If this is so, then using survey software would be a significant disadvantage in this field, as the speed at which one can read and understand a test is imperative to one’s performance. Fortunately, according to newer studies, while there is a difference in speed in favor of the traditional testing approach, the difference is nowhere near large enough to make any significant impact.

In other words, humans can read off a computer screen almost as fast as they can off an ordinary piece of paper, so this is no longer a valid argument against using screens to replace paper.


As you can see, there are quite a few reasons why you, as an HR manager, should start investing in survey and exam software, as it can bring your company a world of good as long as you utilize it properly. To sum up, using software to test and survey your employees gives you the following benefits:

  1. It saves you time and money
  2. It automates part of the process, making it more consistent
  3. It allows the use of multimedia, which enhances the entire learning process
  4. It potentially makes cheating more difficult

There are many more potential reasons, but we think these will be sufficient for now. We highly recommend you grab a good piece of survey software like GetCertified and start learning it immediately because chances are that you’ll be using something similar in the future.