YouTestMe recently received a prominent industry award from a leading B2B software review platform, acknowledging its excellent product quality and services.

FinancesOnline, one of the most respected B2B software review platforms, presented YouTestMe with a Rising Star Award, recognizing our brand’s fast-growing user base and rising popularity. The award is given to new software products that have earned market validation over a short period.

Among other attributes, FinancesOnline viewed our learning management system’s (LMS) remarkable volume of positive commendations and social mentions as a mark of user satisfaction. The FinancesOnline software reviewers also prepared a comprehensive YouTestMe review and concluded that it showcases robust features to help countless business leaders succeed. They also assessed our support agents and observed our staff as responsive and competent.

In their assessment, the expert FinancesOnline reviewers lauded YouTestMe’s core features and functionalities. Among the functions they noted are its automatic test generators, secure proctoring, and predefined reports. 

The report mentioned how the automated test generator could instantly create unique exams based on predetermined criteria. It can also produce assessments manually by choosing questions from its questions pool. In addition, they noted that the platform could quickly clone existing tests, and users can create either a paper-based or computer-based examination. Their reviewers also highlighted how the system allows test creators to arrange exams into subsections and create assessments for various user groups with different locations.

Besides these capabilities, the reviewers also commended the software’s secure proctoring, which guarantees test integrity and deters cheating while enabling candidates to complete the examination in the office or at home. Moreover, the system provides a specific preview of a candidate’s progress in terms of the score by segment, question and portion status, and time spent on every section or question.

Using the platform, you can employ live human proctors to conduct and oversee real-time exam sessions. Otherwise, you can opt for automated proctoring if this isn’t possible. With automated proctoring, the tool will determine and note possible cheating circumstances. For example, other faces appear on the screen, candidates disappear from the camera view, or you can hear background noises.

Furthermore, the FinancesOnline review discussed the solution’s predefined reports. Users can collect, assess, and share all the essential details regarding the tests. It allows you to analyze training courses, question pools, surveys, and exam sections. Likewise, it lets users implement unique grading labels to evaluate a candidate’s performance. All these capabilities are what the top review platforms look for on their list of best LMS solutions for small businesses and large enterprises alike.

A report projects the global learning management system (LMS) to reach $37.9 billion by the year 2026. For this reason, it also follows that the demand for LMS is advancing. With its powerful features and capabilities, YouTestMe is becoming one of the top-notch learning management software for teams requiring a comprehensive and affordable way of managing their online examination. 

Our team at YouTestMe would like to thank FinancesOnline for presenting us with such an outstanding industry award. Receiving recognition from esteemed organizations such as this motivates us to do even better at providing world-class learning management solutions. 

We also want to thank our loyal users for trusting YouTestMe and allowing us to become a part of their knowledge examinations and learning management journey. We look forward to collaborating with you in the years to come.

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