What is Online Proctoring and How it Works

Online proctoring is a technology that allows candidates to take exams in a virtual environment. This method has many advantages over traditional methods. Some of them include lower costs and greater flexibility for both candidates and instructors. A one study surveyed candidates who had experienced test-taking with online proctoring. Around 50% of candidates reported that the format of the online class with online proctored exams was their first choice of course format. The study also highlighted the convenience of scheduling compared to conventional testing.

What types of Online Proctoring Are There

1.Automated proctoring

This type of online proctoring uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology. It records and monitors test attempts using behavioral trackers. Once the exam is finished, the system generates a credibility report. Exam footage is stored for the optional subsequent human validation and review.

2.Live proctoring

This type is a hybrid model that includes a formal human supervisor in addition to automated proctoring. It is the most secure solution that minimizes the chances of cheating to an absolute minimum. This makes it ideal for high-stake exams. Proctors are certified and trained and can handle the test monitoring in a lawful manner. This obviously helps test owners feel more comfortable that the integrity of their test is protected. If you are interested in becoming a proctor, read some useful advice here.

Discover which online proctoring solution is right for you

There are three main ways to use online proctoring. As a replacement for live lectures, as a supplement to traditional classroom instruction, and as a means of providing remote assessments. Here we will focus on the use of online proctoring in remote assessments. Regardless of the purpose of the assessment and the enterprise sector you’re coming from, you will want a reliable and secure online proctoring solution. One that will ensure credible and genuine results of the assessment. Some of the notable proctoring solutions on the market right now focus only on the proctoring portion of the assessment. And that’s ok. But if you are looking for an all-in-one solution that focuses on all phases of online assessment, look no further. YouTestMe GetCertified is a one-stop solution for all types of online knowledge assessments that takes care of the whole assessment process. From exam preparation to comprehensive reporting at the end of the assessment process.

Check out YouTestMe online proctoring solutions

YouTestMe proctoring solutions are one of the most complete proctoring solutions in the e-learning industry. It is compatible with Chrome and Firefox browsers on a PC and Android and Apple phones via Chrome and Safari. Here are the main benefits of the YouTestMe proctoring solutions:

  • Convenience and Comfort – Candidates can take the exam anytime, anywhere. This method is convenient for both candidates and instructors. It requires no advance planning and provides the opportunity to take practice tests to optimize test-taking performance.
  • Affordability – The use of technology means a significantly lower cost (by 30-40%) than human-based approaches.
  • Scalability – The technology is used for self-service, and the system architecture allows an unlimited number of users to run an unlimited number of tests simultaneously.
  • Professional Review and Accountability – First a computer or a proctor monitors the exam session. Afterwards, other proctors or administrators can review the recording. Multiple checks ensure the validity of test results.
  • Flexibility – Our security system allows our customers to choose the level of security and verification they require for supervised testing. You can also choose to hire a proctor from your own organization or a YouTestMe proctor.

If you are looking for professional proctoring solutions for your company that offer all the necessary features for a seamless testing experience, don’t hesitate to contact YouTestMe today. We are already looking forward to our meeting!