Virtual Learning Environment Must have Features

7 Must-Have Features in a Virtual Learning Environment

What is Virtual Learning Environment?

Virtual learning environment is including computers and internet as well as tools offered by it in the classroom. They are used to make students interested in a specific subject or topic and also make them bring better results at the end. Many tools are offered by this new software which can both save the time on doing necessary things in the class and make the productivity better. The old methods are good, but why don’t we use the new ones which give a whole new perspective in learning and are also easy to be used, for both teachers and students. Taking all the advantages that it offers, it is a low- cost thing, much less money will be spent in this way than in the old fashioned one. Let’s see what are the benefits of all this and calculate whether there are more good or bad sides of using it.

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  1. Testing engine – think of the way you have spent on making appropriate tests for your students. The tests have to be appropriate for their age and knowledge. The type of questions has to be different but good. It takes quite some time, right? Guess what! The elearning software offers a special tool just for doing that. Everything is done for you and you get the final product ready to be used by your students.
  2. Flexible user organization – also one of the important thing- the organization. As we live in a modern world with that much obligations and a little time for them to be done, a tool for organizing us better is a good choice. It schedules your classes in the best possible way and it is certain that it will fit you right.
  3. Multimedia lessons – one of the most important things. Since the students seem to be lacking enthusiasm more and more, something has to be done to bring them back to classroom. Imagine how they will react to explore the underwater world actually from under water but from their classroom! Via Skype. If there is an opportunity to be connected with a scuba diver, there is a chance to improve productivity in the class.
  4. Adaptable learning curve – testing to learn into action! If the students are actually involved in the process of learning, that is the way of the best teaching.
  5. Variable questions – when making a test, different kinds of questions are important, and with this tool this is also possible.
  6. Customizable grading system – if you are not sure how to grade your students at the end of the year, you have a helping hand. This tool grades the students for you.
  7. Content management system – this saves all the documents of the students and teachers on one place, which makes things easy if you need some information from the previous years, this is the easiest way to find it.

YouTestMe Classroom 2020 offers all features that one VLE software should and must have. Classroom 2020 is constantly evolving and getting better with new features which makes it the most competitive VLE solution on the market.