With recent technological and sociological developments, education is shifting from traditional methods to modern ones, such as online and e-learning. A recent analysis carried out by McKinsey & Company is perhaps the best indicator of how much the demand for online education has grown. This paradigm shift brings many changes, one of which is the need for proctored training courses. Whether we speak about schools, corporations, or government institutions, remote training courses require proctoring and checking. There’s no doubt that space and time flexibility brings many benefits. However, distance learning also has limitations, such as preventing owners and learners from completing it. Implementing online learning can also be challenging for some and may stop them from successfully completing their courses.

What Are the Challenges of Online Learning for Distance Learners?

To improve the quality of online learning services, let’s take a look at what is its crucial issues:

  • Lack of discipline
  • Lack of interaction and instant communication
  • Technical issues
  • Constant distractions
  • Lack of motivation

In live events, communication happens instantaneously. This makes it easy for students to get answers and clarify points of confusion. On the other hand, in an e-learning setting, communication is often indirect. Meaning there’s a gap between the teacher and the student. It’s easy for misunderstandings to develop. And with confusion spreading, problems tend to pile up and become unbearable.

Furthermore, after enrolling in distance learning courses, many learners fall behind. They begin to nurture the idea of giving up and begin to feel uncomfortable in mediums used for e-learning. This lack of discipline then leads to a lack of overall interest. Constant distractions are not helping, disrupting the flow and daily routine. This leads to poorer time management, leading to even less motivation. Finally, there’s the issue of technical difficulties, which may manifest in many forms. Even the simplest tasks become challenging without a systematic approach and a well-implemented schedule.

Learning from the Comfort of Our Homes Is Convenient, but It Also Brings Some Challenges

There are many techniques advisers can use to keep learners motivated and focused on the course. It is a common challenge and is thus often discussed on the internet. However, most of these discussions and analyses focus on the learners themselves. They are trying to improve their time management and teach them how to be more productive in e-learning. But making advisers more efficient is equally essential. To make education remotely accessible, some criteria must be met. One of them is the ability to implement proctored training courses. This is what YouTestMe specializes in. We take great pride in developing cutting-edge solutions for online exams, virtual classrooms, and distance learning. Our clients are given resources to develop their own proctored training courses. This ensures that both lecturers and their students benefit from e-learning. When creating online lectures, managers can enable automated or live proctoring for the whole course, its parts, or for exams only. Proctored tests can be between lessons to test knowledge. Some online courses feature proctoring if users join online meetings through Google Meet, Zoom, Webex, etc. However, what differentiates YouTestMe from these are several additional features.

YouTestMe Proctored Training Courses Offer Several Options

1. Real-Time Monitoring

The best option that substitutes a traditional, in-person setting. Communication happens instantaneously, making it easy for students to get answers and clarify points of confusion. This high-level security feature allows a proctor to address suspicious behavior during the test proactively. Furthermore, they can even respond to a technical question should such a need arise. These courses are conducted through Google Meet, Zoom, Webex, Skype, and other similar meeting tools.

2. Automated Proctoring

Online courses can also be proctored using professional proctoring software by using artiUsingntelligence (AI) technology; the system records and monitors candidates who are takins. It uses behavioral trackers by marking moments of background noise, changing focus to another window, making a face invisible in front of the camera, and many more. Optionally, additional ID verification can be enabled. This will require students to present their photo IDs for the system to scan and compare with the face in front of the camera and profile pictures.

Additional Features That Make Youtestme Software Stand Out from the Rest

No installation required

Students can take proctored online courses on a browser without installing any application or browser extension. This makes the testing process quick and straightforward.

Screen monitoring

The student’s screen is being monitored during the online session. Proctors can record the session and track all activities depending on the proctoring settings. 

Lockdown browser

Another valuable addition to our wide range of tools is the Lockdown Browser feature. It creates a secure course and exam environment by disabling access to any other screen besides the online course page. This prevents students from exiting the training course window and using other programs.

If you need professional proctoring solutions for your company that offer all the necessary features for a seamless e-learning and testing experience, don’t hesitate to contact YouTestMe today. We are already looking forward to our meeting!