Can I add media to questions or answers?

You can embed media files into:
1. Question Text
2. Answer Text
3. Question groups that can hold shared media for multiple questions.

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Can I store questions and reuse them in tests?

Questions can be created, stored, and organized in question pools (question databanks). You can create questions manually, one
by one, or bulk import them via a predefined Excel Template.
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Which question types does GetCertified support?

GetCertified supports ten question types – single-choice, multiple-choice, true/false, essay, ordering, fill in the blanks, matching, matrix, open-ended, and hot-spot questions.

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How often does the system save the candidate’s answers?

The system saves the candidate’s answers in the database automatically each time an answer is provided, selected, or modified.

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How to associate one image with multiple questions?

Yes, there is a way to associate one image with multiple questions. You can create a question group and add an image that will follow all the questions assigned to Continue reading

Which question types can have randomized answers?

Questions in all test types can be randomized. The answers to questions are randomized depending on the question types and enabled options.

  • Answers to Ordering and Matching questions are always
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Is it possible to modify question pools?

Question pools can always be modified to meet your current requirements. You can create new pools and sub-pools, rename the existing ones, create new questions, or move and copy them Continue reading

Which media formats can be added to a question?

Supported media formats that can be inserted into a question are MP3, MP4, JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, and GIF and the maximum size of an attachment is 150MB.

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Can all question types have the branching option?

No. The branching option is available for single-choice, multiple-choice, and true/false question types. The multiple-choice branching is available only if the scoring method “By combinations of answers” is selected.

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Can the questions be defined by difficulty?

Yes, you can define the difficulty of questions (easy, medium, hard) and specify a different number of points each difficulty category will carry.

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