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Accelerating Onboarding
with Learning Platform

The Importance of Effective Onboarding

Effective onboarding is a critical component of a company’s success. It affects how fast and how well new hires will acclimate to the new work environment. With YouTestMe, you can provide a good onboarding experience that can help increase employee productivity and overall satisfaction as well. This is undoubtedly beneficial for both the company and the individual.

By updating and modernizing the onboarding processes, you’re investing in employees by setting them up for long-term success. New hires will feel more valued, and understand their role and the company’s values and procedures if you provide proper tools, recourses, and training.

Research has shown that onboarding improves retention by 82%.

With the YouTestMe learning platform, you’ll speed up the onboarding process, and avoid losing time and resources in the process.

Onboarding using YouTestMe will set you up for success

Here’s how YouTestMe features can be of use to accelerate and improve the overall onboarding process.


One of the standout features of YouTestMe is its ability to seamlessly integrate with your existing business environment (LMS, LRS, ERP, CRM, etc.) and access the data from other services and systems. No need to waste time inputting candidates manually, because YouTestMe allows you to import users from Excel sheets or external systems, and organize them into groups.

AI-powered courses and designed tests

In order to save time in creating customizable tests or crafting the perfect training course you can turn to the integrated AI for help. You can choose whether you want to let the AI turn your PDFs into training steps or give it clear instructions to create content based on your needs and what you’re comfortable with. If you’re out of ideas and lack training materials, AI can generate them for you, from a globally accessible database.

Tips for Engaging Training

How can you make the onboarding process more interactive and efficient? New hires can get overwhelmed by a flood of information presented all at once. You can help them engage more in the course by adding various multimedia. Make your training more accessible by adding step-by-step instructions. Finally, include mini-tests in your course, to help new hires digest information and pass with higher scores.

Assessments and Feedback

YouTestMe platform can help cut down HR’s work, and replace work that was done manually and in person. This will help make the hiring process run more smoothly for both the company and the new hire.

You can track the onboarding and training progress remotely, by using progress bars, and current step indicators. You can have a clear overview of the hire’s performance and provide assistance if necessary. This ensures that each employee receives the support they need to succeed.

Certification and Customization

YouTestMe allows you to fully customize the platform to fit your company’s branding. Create a customizable certificate with your branding to assign to candidates. The certificates provide proof of an individual’s competence and qualifications. Awarding certificates upon test completion, in a final onboarding stage will give new hires a sense of accomplishment and ensure retention. You can also set additional alerts to remind employees to get re-certified and make sure they stay up-to-date with the latest knowledge and standards.


It’s important to keep finding ways to overcome old-fashioned manual methods.

With YouTestMe platform you can easily generate new training materials, tests and training courses with the assistance of the integrated AI.

You can make the onboarding interactive by crafting personalized onboarding training and customized tests, with various multimedia, to suit different roles within the company. YouTestMe platform allows you to track new hires’ progress easily, get assessments and reports, and pinpoint potential challenges.

By making your onboarding process engaging and effective you’re ensuring new hires feel welcome and have a clear understanding of their roles, expectations, and goals. Implementing an online learning platform will provide you with productive, well-qualified employees while minimizing the potential turnover.

Now is the time to upgrade your onboarding process with the YouTestMe platform! Save money and recourses with AI-powered customization and improve the way you welcome and train new members ! Start your free trial today.

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