Employee Certification

Employee Certification in a Modern Way

Employee certification is a major tool for modern businesses, but there are lots of things to consider – after all, who could be trusted with such an important task? Major companies have plenty of resources for their own certification, but most businesses resort to other means. Online certification, for instance is a splendid new way of creating certificates, but beware: not any quiz maker will suffice, only the best of the best!

Is Employee Certification Necessary?

Let us be clear on one thing: certification is not an easy or convenient process, but it is a necessary one in this day and age. It is possibly the most important aspect that will remain a constant for a long time, regardless if you are a genitor or a top-rank executive. The job market is so packed, that there are plenty of applicants for any kind of position – and they all claim to possess the necessary knowledge and skills. But how would this be proven? Back in the day, they could be hired on a temporary base and retained or fired later on, depending on their skills or lack thereof.

However, many companies simply cannot afford this trial and error process. Certificates are a great way around this problem; they may not be tackling it directly, but at least this way there is a guarantee that your employees know what they are doing. Another thing about certificates is that they can be made for literally any kind of position, and if they are done online, the costs can be lowered even further.

Using Software in the Employee Certification Process

There are numerous ways in which advanced software components can affect learning process in a meaningful way.  For instance, great many high-salary positions are reserved for people with some degree of computer skills, regardless of how good they might be at their actual work. Besides, the whole point of having a certificate for a certain position is the ability to standardize the skills, training, knowledge and expertise, and using the same software component can be extremely beneficial with this in mind. It means hundreds or even thousands of people can be trained and tested under virtually the same conditions and held to the same standard. The sheer ability to mass-produce competent workforce cannot be neglected.

Some certificates are for life, while others must be renewed from time to time, where the individual is ‘encouraged’ to keep learning new skills and advance his or her knowledge just to stay competitive. Also, when it comes to online certification, the fact that the candidate does not have to be physically present in order to receive instructions, take the test or receive the certificate means that even people who have to work for a living are not deprived from the opportunity to learn and better themselves. A lot of single parents and low-wage workers simply do not have the kind of schedule where they can be physically present at a location for an official education (nor can they afford it), so this is their only chance of improving their lot in life. Advanced software is the key to this change, as it would not be possible without it.

As for benefits of certification on an individual level, they depend on the kind of certification we are talking about. For instance, there is an entire list of benefits of Microsoft certification.

Employee Certification and Training Illustration

A Case Study on Employee Certification

There are many studies that show a correlation between advanced certification software being implemented and the quality of work being done taking a noticeable bump. After all, it stands to reason that if employees are given access to better education as a part of their jobs, they will be more productive and be able to do a lot more things that usual. For instance, there was a study in 2011 that showed that 60% of 700 certified experts that took part in the study received new job offers as a direct result of their certification. The benefits for the employees are tried and proven, but what about the companies themselves?

Well, if we put aside the fact that a satisfied employee is a good employee, the essential skills that people are being certified for can be applied to the benefit of the company. Since software can be customized for any kind of knowledge or skill, it can be applied on any position and therefore improve the quality of personnel by a huge margin.

What Does the Future Hold?

The fact is, certificates have become such an integral part of modern business that it is hard to imagine a future where they will not be obligatory in some shape or form. Even today, most major companies do not even consider hiring candidates who have not been certified; they consider them a waste of time and resources. This process of selection that favors people with certificates will only add to their popularity and they will become so widespread that people will be getting certificates for just about any knowledge or marketable skill. Any company that gets ahead of this trend will surely reap the benefits in the long run!

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