Corporate Training

Corporate training is crucial for companies that look to improve their business and their standing on the market. Well-trained workers provide higher quality of services and do so more efficiently. Also employees who have acquired knowledge and skills needed to do their job feel more confident and accomplished than those who have little or no formal training.

Understanding how people learn has been the ultimate goal of education since the beginning. Nowadays we have fascinating new technologies and techniques for delivering, reinforcing and assessing learning. As educators, one of our focuses is to help businesses improve their employee training programs and recognize the challenges they may face along the way.

1. Improving Learning Effectiveness

Learning effectiveness is defined by what elements of instruction trainees have retained and can replicate when they get back to their position. Performance improvement is the main goal of corporate training and the main challenge is getting trainees to understand and employ everything that they are being presented. The worst case scenario would be for the employees to take time from their tasks but retain nothing in the process.

Companies should make sure that they organize training into units which are well structured and easy to understand. Filler content, that which does not teach a valuable skill, must be excluded from training courses. Instruction should be focused and neatly tailored to provide the most essential information and make it easy to absorb. Saturating training with unimportant information is a waste of time and makes it difficult to focus on what is truly important. Instructors should make sure that they know exactly why they included something and what they wish to accomplish with it. Any part that does not serve a clearly defined purpose should be removed.

Even after removing filler, corporate training programs contain a lot of information packed into a relatively short period. Employees should feel engaged and interacted with. At the end of training, they should be evaluated in a way that tests them individually.


2. Employee Certification

The rapid development of professional testing and certification programs in recent years reflects the increasing need for expertise in the modern society.

Certification of professional staff allows the employer to navigate through the global workforce. For employees, individual certification provides credentials that support employment in an increasingly crowded job market. For customers, certifications provide assurance that the professionals they hire have been approved by an organization involved in providing instruction and knowledge that lies at the core of each profession.

However, studies have shown that a considerable portion of organizations which provide professional certification use informal, improvised mechanisms and processes in the exam development process. The importance of professional certifications and the exams that support them mean that the methods by which tests are created and administered need to be well structured, uniform and rigorous.

Source: Needs and Challenges in the Development of Professional Licensure and Certification Exams

3. Implementing Mobile Learning

According to an article on 4 Challenges Of Mobile Learning In Corporate Training on eLearning Industry, Millennials will have formed 50% of the global workforce by 2020. Having grown up with information technologies, Millennials seem to be especially fond of using mobile devices in every aspect of the everyday life, such as education and work. Four out of five workers reported accessing their corporate documents on the move using their mobile devices.

Considering the fact that the number of employees who use their mobile devices in the workplace grows, instructors are given the opportunity to provide them with mobile learning options. Mobile learning makes corporate training accessible to everyone, regardless of time or location. It allows employees to learn on the go, even without an internet connection.

Mobile learning has numerous benefits, but it also has its challenges. The risk of compromising data security appears to be the most troubling and is the obstacle which prevents most companies from implementing mobile learning. Businesses need to address this problem with adequate security measures which can solve the issues associated with mobile traffic.

4. Inadequate Training Materials

Materials created for traditional classrooms rarely translate well to corporate training. Maintaining multiple training approaches might require multiple versions of your content and creating and adapting materials can delay or disrupt the instruction program. Also, developing content and holding courses and workshops which are specifically suited for different goals and proficiency levels require a considerable financial investment which is the next challenge on the list.

The world changes faster than ever before and the business world is changing along with it. Even companies that widely use eLearning methods find it difficult to keep the pace, often relying on outdated training programs. At best, using older training material will be less effective in the learning process. At worst, it can provide the inaccurate information. Instructors need to find ways to quickly update content to reflect the newest trends and ever changing needs of the employers. This problem becomes easier to solve as training gets more and more digitalized. Content can be supplemented and updated quickly, and this is made much easier the more organized the training becomes.

The need for adequate, standardized content is even more emphasized in the era of offshoring and recruiting from the global workforce. VLE and LMS are the best tools to provide employees with needed instruction all around the world. This implies that the content be well structured and that concepts are made clear regardless of language and cultural differences.

5. Budget Constraints

As mentioned above, to implement a successful employee training strategy, businesses need to invest in the creation of learning material suitable for the purpose. The costs of traditional seminars and workshops might be too high if one targets a geographically dispersed audience. A company might not have appropriate funds to acquire needed resources and update old training programs.

Despite the initial cost, eLearning can improve employee retention and engagement, resulting in substantial returns on company’s investment. Nevertheless, justifying the expense of a new learning program can prove difficult. Effectively integrating the new tactics and technology associated with eLearning can challenge the company’s financial capabilities. Furthermore, many of the organizations that deal in corporate training have no formal system for measuring results in the first place. However, in the future, experience, widespread adoption, and time will lead to the development of the analytical tools needed to track the profitability of eLearning programs.

Final Thoughts

Mobile and eLearning promise to increase the effectiveness of corporate training programs and address many of its challenges. However, you need to stay aware of the security risks and financial costs that come with it and prepare to invest substantial effort to produce appropriate content for training and measuring the results of your new training system.

If you want to give your employees training options that fit their lifestyle and give your company a competitive edge, implementing these strategies should have a positive impact on your overall business.

Finding the right software that can meet these needs can be quite challenging. To help you out and reduce the searching process I recommend checking out YouTestMe software for knowledge evaluation and certification.

Employee Certification new Trends

Employee certification – general picture

A certification system is a number of classifications with each classification requiring different academic and professional teacher education. Nowadays, many kinds of certifications are easily accessible which makes the system go wrong since not all of them offer as good education as it is supposed to be. All this leads to unprofessional people doing business and, of course doing it inappropriately.

On the other hand, certificates available online have a very strong examination system with the educational system that makes you really to through all the necessary information in order to pass the evaluation. So, no certification will be taken if you have not overcome the matter.

Digital certificates function just like identification cards, passports, and driving licenses and are being recognized by certification authorities. This means that there will be no worry whether a certain certification is a true one or a forgery, which, you have to admit, is a great issue nowadays. To be sure of the validity of this kind of certificate they have the possibility to identify the identity of its owner.

These certificates are designed to be tamper-resistant and hard to counterfeit.

The big picture

As we have mentioned before, a lot of unqualified people are doing jobs and they are doing it the wrong way, they sure do. This cannot be good for anyone. People who come to ask help from that kind of person can be lead completely wrongly which leads to a waste of time and even greater problems. What’s more, this seems to be happening more and more.

Should that be changed? Of course, it should. If we keep doing things this way it can only lead to many worse things and both the clients and the whole system is going to pay for it.

Using educational these kinds of things can be brought to a minimum for the beginning and at last, they will not exist anymore. Every person doing a certain job will be well educated and informed so he/she can do her/his best to help people and make things right. Since they have to pass through many phases and information to pass a final test, you can be sure that after that, they will know they are doing the right thing when they start working.

The content

But you cannot just start the course and take a certificate. What’s more important is the material used for a specific course for the certificate and the knowledge at the end to satisfying. If we just pass through the information, nothing can be succeeded. So, the content is what is the most important thing. But, to repeat, it has to be used in the right way. We have already agreed that there are many advantages of using this kind of learning. From money issues (much cheaper – even free), to time adjustable (you can choose when to organize your course), to the various information you can get access to which can help you learn and remember more easily. But we will have to agree that e-learning cannot be that good for every kind of learning. For example, the craft is one thing where learning cannot be a helping hand. Those who learn how to do car repairs can see that on a big screen and it can also be interesting but not as efficient as when seen on a real car, in front of them. Or when some objects are being made, for example, pottery, you cannot learn how to make a vase out of clay just from watching it on a big screen. For this kind of thing, the old method of learning seems to be better and more efficient, what’s more. You have to touch it with your hands, feel the clay in your arms to see how it functions.

Who is it for?

Elearning is not really adequate for a specific age or profession or anything like that. This means that everyone can use it and learn from it. When I say everyone – I really mean it. Imagine children in kindergarten learning English in this way via songs and videos. Or scholars, both young and those a little bit older talking on skype with people from another country to feel the accent of a specific language or to listen to a scientist exploring new species from biology. They can actually listen to him and his way of doing it and, what is more important, they can actually see the part of that research. This can surely increase their productivity and interest in a specific subject. The final results are guaranteed to be better.

And what is better of a new perspective of doing things when you get older? You will be eager to learn new necessary things in this kind of way but go to classes which can be exhausting with the job that has to be done. And you seem to be fed up with doing things in the same way, don’t you? This will bring you back to life and make you learn quickly and easily. Think about that.

Solutions for Modern Employee Certification

Since the needs for employee certification are growing each day, there is an obvious need for a reliable software solution that will help companies to make employee certification efficient and successful. YouTestMe recognized this need and the result of that is employee certification software GetCertified. GetCertified helps HR departments of all size companies to easily create various numerous numbers of tests in a matter of minutes thanks to testing generators.

Driving schools are constantly facing with the need for testing of its students. This can be a big cost for driving schools, because most of them are still using the traditional way of testing, paper-based testing.

Orthodox driving test

If you are told that the procedure of passing the driving test here is simple, they have informed you wrong. Maybe the test won’t be that hard, if you study, but until you have reached them, there is a lot of paper work to be done.

The first thing you do is go to a licensed driving school and pick up the necessary forms there. The forms are then taken to a licensed eye doctor where you need to be examined and the forms fulfilled, of course. The next station is medical doctor. He also has to fill in the forms. Every form filled in is being paid. That is when you go to the driving school to take lessons. Then you are being scheduled the test. In case you have failed the test, you have to pay to do it again, as well as you have paid it for the first time. It seems to be a normal thing for them, but everywhere in the world, it sounds strange, but it is simply their way of doing thing.

Driving schools – practicing tests

Driving Test Complete is easily the most comprehensive PC software of its kind. Includes all the Official DVSA questions, answers, explanations, case studies, hazard clips and full driving test plus lots more.

This product offers you hundreds of Hazard Perception Test clips to practice on with comprehensive tutorials and videos on how to make your first test your last. Includes the 26 Official DVSA sample clips.

No other product offers an interactive learn to drive program that shows you step by step how to develop your skills using LDCs highly acclaimed LD System of driving tuition.

No other product offers a more accurate video of a full driving test.

Professional voice-over is used extensively throughout the product for help, information, learning notes, tutorials, animations, video, questions, answers, explanations and hint advice.

The Product is made up of 8 distinct programs: Theory Test program (consisting of many different parts such as information module, learning module, exam testing module and review), Hazard Perception program (consisting of information learning module, exam testing module and practice learning module), Learning to drive program, Show me Tell me program, Practical Driving Test program, Highway Code plus program and many others.

State level – Driver certification

One more advantage of using this software is that no one should wait for the results any more, they would be known almost instantly.

Since government seems to search for the profit all the time, here is the way. A lot of certificates can be given in no time. Both future drivers and the government would be satisfied. They shall briefly think about that as a serious project since we have already gone through a lot of them.

Analysis – of great importance

Driving Schools Driving License

Losing the license, it happens all the time to many people. The thing is that when they lose it, it is not being registered anywhere so it repeats constantly, without even being noticed. This changes things a bit. Everything is being recorded so if someone has lost it, it will be seen in the system that he has been looking for another one. This method can make you realize who the reckless drivers are. And, on the other hand maybe it will make them keep their things better and in a safer place. This will also save time to both them and you.

Integration possibilities

What would be even better than this is? Integration. This means that everything can be found in one and a same place. There can be included insurance, car companies and all the things connected to this. This will prevent both drivers from wasting time while going to a lot of different places gathering all the necessary things they need. It will also make everything go faster and there would not be needed for the crowd to be made.

YouTestMe Get Certified is a perfect solution for driving schools that have a constant need of testing and certification.


Employee Training and Certification and Motivation

Little known fact: employee training is not just for quiz makers and private companies! Government training and state testing are also important on a much larger scale. It just so happens that the private sector is not the only one in need of skilled workforce. Regardless of what you may have heard about government employees in general, they too need to educate and better themselves and there are all sorts of things about employee training that agencies have yet to learn, in addition to those they have reluctantly adopted.

Why is Government Training Necessary?

When was the last time anyone has heard of a budget increase for a government institution, other than in times of a huge national crisis? And when was the last time somebody working for the government got in front of a camera and started talking about pending budget cuts? You’ve heard a lot more of the latter, and this is kind of endemic in most countries. On the one hand, we have people who are supposed to be in charge of things of extreme importance like making and enforcing laws and policies. On the other, many of these agencies could not even pass the regulatory inspection that they themselves condone, support or are trying to enforce.

It is the equivalent of seeing a police car parked on a spot reserved for people with handicaps. In fact, even when these agencies do decide to modernize, it is hastily executed and any subsequent updates are sketchy at best. At worst, they are nonexistent, and it puts us all at risk. The list of things they should be doing but aren’t is almost as long as the list of excuses they have come up with to counter them. It seems policy updates seem to reach the general public faster than they do the people who are supposed to be acting upon them.

There are people whose jobs involve risking their lives or saving other people, and you kind of need them to take regular competency tests, like paramedics and cops. Seeing an overweight cop or a soldier has long since stopped to phase anyone. Instead of enforcing rules and regulations, the military is figuring out ways for overweight people and those who would otherwise fail at the physical to be allowed in because they lack the manpower as well as the resources to hire professionals. Or people manning nuclear silos being forced to use those huge floppy disks from the ’70s.

Or something as trivial as waiting in line for a new photo ID because of “system failure” or some software update. It is scary when regular people have more technology at their disposal than government officials and workers.

Introducing Software into Employee Training in Governments

Employee training software has been around for years, and not just as a concept. In some instances, it is literally the same software but at least some of it comes from a time when the priorities were still straight. When using any kind of software, the age-old fear of a catastrophic failure that would leave millions of people in distress and other reliability issues are still relevant even to this day. Aside from that, they need something that can be quickly applied all across the country. If it takes too long to create universal tests and organize groups, this simply will not do. The more versatile, the better. If it is automatic, this would be just swell. When your tests are of pen and paper variety, there are numerous issues from  lack of standardization, to fear of cheating and don’t even get us started on the grading process. With computer tests, everything is done automatically, with a push of a button. Except for filling out the blank spaces – that is for the trainees, of course. The efficiency is vastly superior in almost every way, except when you want to grade an essay or something like that. But even that is easier to do in an electronic form. The only people who are against this are the old-fashioned employees who are scared of technology.

The Most Important Thing – Security

As with most things, safety is going to be a serious issue. Those urban myths about 14-year-olds with laptops emailing nuclear launch codes to Pentagon may be exaggerated, but they illustrate the core issue. They have a lot to learn from companies and sites such as Oracle, whose databases tend to be the most secure of them all. Additional safety measures need to be applied and they need to be constantly updated as any government site is under threat these days.

Versatility of Use

As we have mentioned, the best case scenario would be the possibility to merge databases and share software between different agencies and similar departments. For instance, giving police access to the driving test database might even save some lives on the long run, but the potential for abuse also increases with every such “solution”. As much as we all want a “one size fits all” solution, it could not possibly be available right now. Or could it be?

One of the solutions that could fit the needs of employees training in government institutions is YouTestMe Get Certified. Get Certified allows instructors to generate tests and create custom designed certificates for employees and significantly reduce employee training costs.

Employee Certification

Employee certification is a major tool for modern businesses, but there are lots of things to consider – after all, who could be trusted with such an important task? Major companies have plenty of resources for their own certification, but most businesses resort to other means. Online certification, for instance is a splendid new way of creating certificates, but beware: not any quiz maker will suffice, only the best of the best!

Is Employee Certification Necessary?

Let us be clear on one thing: certification is not an easy or convenient process, but it is a necessary one in this day and age. It is possibly the most important aspect that will remain a constant for a long time, regardless if you are a genitor or a top-rank executive. The job market is so packed, that there are plenty of applicants for any kind of position – and they all claim to possess the necessary knowledge and skills. But how would this be proven? Back in the day, they could be hired on a temporary base and retained or fired later on, depending on their skills or lack thereof.

However, many companies simply cannot afford this trial and error process. Certificates are a great way around this problem; they may not be tackling it directly, but at least this way there is a guarantee that your employees know what they are doing. Another thing about certificates is that they can be made for literally any kind of position, and if they are done online, the costs can be lowered even further.

Using Software in the Employee Certification Process

There are numerous ways in which advanced software components can affect learning process in a meaningful way.  For instance, great many high-salary positions are reserved for people with some degree of computer skills, regardless of how good they might be at their actual work. Besides, the whole point of having a certificate for a certain position is the ability to standardize the skills, training, knowledge and expertise, and using the same software component can be extremely beneficial with this in mind. It means hundreds or even thousands of people can be trained and tested under virtually the same conditions and held to the same standard. The sheer ability to mass-produce competent workforce cannot be neglected.

Some certificates are for life, while others must be renewed from time to time, where the individual is ‘encouraged’ to keep learning new skills and advance his or her knowledge just to stay competitive. Also, when it comes to online certification, the fact that the candidate does not have to be physically present in order to receive instructions, take the test or receive the certificate means that even people who have to work for a living are not deprived from the opportunity to learn and better themselves. A lot of single parents and low-wage workers simply do not have the kind of schedule where they can be physically present at a location for an official education (nor can they afford it), so this is their only chance of improving their lot in life. Advanced software is the key to this change, as it would not be possible without it.

As for benefits of certification on an individual level, they depend on the kind of certification we are talking about. For instance, there is an entire list of benefits of Microsoft certification.

Employee Certification and Training Illustration

A Case Study on Employee Certification

There are many studies that show a correlation between advanced certification software being implemented and the quality of work being done taking a noticeable bump. After all, it stands to reason that if employees are given access to better education as a part of their jobs, they will be more productive and be able to do a lot more things that usual. For instance, there was a study in 2011 that showed that 60% of 700 certified experts that took part in the study received new job offers as a direct result of their certification. The benefits for the employees are tried and proven, but what about the companies themselves?

Well, if we put aside the fact that a satisfied employee is a good employee, the essential skills that people are being certified for can be applied to the benefit of the company. Since software can be customized for any kind of knowledge or skill, it can be applied on any position and therefore improve the quality of personnel by a huge margin.

What Does the Future Hold?

The fact is, certificates have become such an integral part of modern business that it is hard to imagine a future where they will not be obligatory in some shape or form. Even today, most major companies do not even consider hiring candidates who have not been certified; they consider them a waste of time and resources. This process of selection that favors people with certificates will only add to their popularity and they will become so widespread that people will be getting certificates for just about any knowledge or marketable skill. Any company that gets ahead of this trend will surely reap the benefits in the long run!

YouTestMe – Get Certified can be the perfect solution to a company’s certification process. Its extensive capabilities and features will allow you to create tests efficiently and design custom certificates for your employee certification needs. You can even restrict user access to your local network. Check out the product page for more details.