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The modern times have brought forth new challenges into education worldwide. However, this doesn’t refer only to educational institutions (colleges and schools) but businesses as well. YouTestMe team members have written several articles that might help you by providing more insight into the real-life situations, common errors, things you should pay attention to and much more. Check them out below!

Artificial Intelligence in Elearning

Artificial Intelligence in Elearning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been the subject of science fiction for a long time. Sci-fi authors envisioned wondrous and usually catastrophic scenarios for the age of widespread AI. No doubt, we are a long way from creating sentient, self-aware robots, but many things we take for granted nowadays would have been considered sci-fi only a […]

Great Ways to Improve your Classroom

Modern Classroom

Blackboards and chalk, teachers giving lectures, talking in monotonous tones. Students dozing off or doodling in their notebooks, instead of taking notes. This kind of scenario is what most people experienced in their average classroom. It is far from an optimal learning environment. Most types of learners do not benefit from the standard chalk and […]

5 Elearning Trends in 2017 – The Future is Bright

5 Elearning Trends in 2017

Many of the “new” elearning technologies have already became mainstream; that’s what happens when technology is galloping forward. Things such as microlearning and mobile learning seem to have surfaced only yesterday, but they are already being broadly implemented across various industries both as a part of formal training, or just something students instinctively do in […]

5 Challenges in Corporate Training

Corporate Training

Corporate training is crucial for companies that look to improve their business and their standing on the market. Well-trained workers provide higher quality of services and do so more efficiently. Also employees who have acquired knowledge and skills needed to do their job feel more confident and accomplished than those who have little or no […]

Engaging Students by Utilizing an eLearning Solution

Engaging Students

How to make a lesson engaging is a task every teacher has to deal with on a daily basis. The question how to engage students has to be answered every time one designs a lesson plan. There’s no question that engagement is a crucial part of motivation and successful knowledge transfer and retention; so how […]

Employee Certification – New Trends

Employee Certification new Trends

Employee certification – general picture A certification system is a number of classifications with each classification requiring different academic and professional teacher education. Nowadays, many kinds of certifications are easily accessible which makes system go wrong since not all of them offer as good education as it is supposed to be. All this leads to […]

Why You Need To Invest In eLearning?

Why Invest in Elearning

Even though this is the 21st century and the technology has moved forward a lot (which means that almost everything can be done online), not all people seem to be using the advantages of this. On one hand, there are people who seem to not be moving their eyes from their laptop, smartphones, and tablets, […]

The Importance of Data Security in elearning

Data Security

Why You Need a Secure LMS Data security in the corporate world is very important, and LMSs are packed full of vital information about business procedures and strategies. For the purpose of training their employees, companies upload information about company policies and structure, trade secrets, market strategies, and other crucial information. Theft or destruction of […]

How to improve employee performance with e learning?

Employee Performance

General situation Every serious company tends to stay tuned and not to worsen its way of doing things throughout years. And employees play a significant part in that process due to the fact that how a certain job Is done depends on them. What seems to be the problem is the fact that all the […]


Driving Schools Testing and Certification – Case Study

Driving schools are constantly facing with the need for testing of its students. This can be a big cost for driving schools, because most of them are still using the traditional way of testing, paper-based testing. Orthodox driving test If you are told that the procedure of passing the driving test here is simple, they […]