The Best Online Test Centers 2022

Let’s be real, how many people do you know today that haven’t used an online test? From regular people to big corporations, everyone is doing it or has done it at some point. But not all platforms are cost-effective. So today, we’ll try and help you find the best alternatives for online test centers in 2022.

We’re living in a time where online services are starting to become more and more dominant. Whether it be a survey, you can answer IT proficiency, driving skills, professional competence, or any other similar abilities. Almost everything we can get done through the power of the Internet. This includes online testing and proctored testing.

Pandemic times called for pandemic measures. Corporations, government agencies or institutions, and educational facilities all began to switch to online testing as a way of prioritizing safety, convenience, and accessibility.

Nowadays, it’s become more apparent that organizations are beginning to lack the appropriate funds and time. For what, exactly? Organizing the exams themselves and maintaining integrity at the same time. This led to many of them wanting to hire professionals who could properly execute and organize the tests.

That is where the concept of an online test center comes to life.

Online testing centers basically represent a one-stop solution that eliminates the need to conduct high-stakes examinations in traditional, on-site testing centers.

Secure. Online. Remote.

This article will serve you as a guide to the potentially best choice for online test centers in 2022.

First, how does online testing work?

Online testing or examination is a fast and efficient way for examiners to conduct exams using only the Internet. It allows candidates to answer questions that are within a pre-determined timeframe. After the exam is over, there is a possibility of automatic grading or an evaluation.

Cheating Prevention Mechanisms

They offer convenience, wide reach, and save time and energy. Not to mention it’s also environmentally friendlier.

It’s as simple as turning on your laptop or PC, having a good WiFi connection, logging onto the website of your choice, and having a comfortable chair or sofa to sit in. Your hands and eyes will do the work from there on out. Nowadays, many platforms have special AI implanted to avoid cheating.

In any case, choosing good software is very important. This is, inevitably, just a glimpse of what the future of examination will look like.

Secondly, what are some accredited & authentic online testing centers?

Within a quick Google search, we can find several online test centers, each with its own unique benefits and perspectives. Let’s look at some good options:

Mercer Mettl Proctoring
Alemira Proctor
PSI Exams

Depending on who you ask, they’ll tell you the best online testing center based on their own standards and expectations. But which of these would provide the most optimal choice?

One that can encompass cost, usability, reliability, and security for everyone.

We understand that a big demographic of people using these services are large enterprises and establishments. In any case – price matters… But the quality shouldn’t fall behind either.

After thorough comparison and research, we can safely say that YouTestMe is potentially the best choice in 2022 if you look at the price for value.

Let’s look at why this might be the best choice for you.

Let’s talk about YouTestMe

If we’re to summarize some of the key points for YouTestMe, here’s what we can tell you:

1. Complete test management

YouTestMe Customer Success team does the work; you can enjoy the results. It’s as simple as a few clicks.

You should only book the time for your exam and provide the questions and a list of candidates. Then, the dedicated YouTestMe team creates a test and assigns a proctor to your session.

2. Exam proctoring by YouTestMe proctors

The best part of it all is that YouTestMe offers certified proctors to monitor your test-takers in real-time.

Live proctoring is a hybrid model that includes a formal human audit in addition to automated proctoring. This is the most secure solution that minimizes the chances of cheating to an absolute minimum, ideal for high-stake exams.

YouTestMe proctors are always ensuring a secure and comfortable examination environment. And even though they are professionals, they’re very attentive, kind, and ready to help with setting up equipment during proctored sessions.

Also, they are regularly recertified according to the latest industry demand.

3. Cost efficient

The use of technology means a significantly lower cost (by 30-40%) than human-based approaches, which allows you to lessen the financial burden on yourself and the test-takers.

4. Data security

YouTestMe keeps all data about candidates, certifications, and test results in one software on a dedicated client’s cloud (no space sharing), while Meta uses third-party software for their tests on PearsonVue.

5. Replaces brick-and-mortar testing centers

A perfect alternative for overbooked testing facilities.

Students can take exams anytime and any place. This method is convenient both for students and test managers since it requires no previous scheduling and allows the option of taking practice tests to help optimize test-taking performance.

6. Cohesive experience for all users

As a test owner, you will get a seamless testing experience without needing to rent or purchase the software. The top priority should always be customer satisfaction. That is why YouTestMe’s dedicated customer support team is always on standby.

All candidates must do is log in and perform an equipment check. The built-in system will verify the ID and workspace. Afterward, the candidates can start the proctored exam using a webcam, microphone, and a shared screen.

A report will be automatically generated. It consists of a score and proctoring credibility report.

It’s a very simple and approachable platform.

Lastly, what can we conclude?

In the last few years, the number of Online Testing Centers has grown dramatically, and at times it’s difficult to find a hidden gem. Many smaller businesses have a lot to offer but are often buried under well-known names in the industry. In no way does it mean that they aren’t deserving of their attention, but we should always try to look at the alternatives.

YouTestMe is a cost-effective alternative when compared to other, better-known brands.
But it can provide equal if not more benefits for its users.

Examiners and examinees can both save money, time, space, and patience by choosing this alternative.

At YouTestMe Online Testing Center, you can even book the first session for free – please reach out to our friendly sales team and schedule your first session.