Survey Software

Why HR Needs to Invest in Exam and Survey Software

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Training Employees

Training Employees with Exam Software

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elearning trends 2017 HR

3 E-learning Trends for Human Resources in 2017

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Employee Training Mistakes

These Are the Mistakes You Must Avoid in Employee Training

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Online Examination Software

Online Examination Software: A Must-Have in Human Resources

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Knowledge Testing Software in HR

5 Benefits of Using Knowledge Testing Software in HR

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Knowledge Testing

Top 5 Features in Knowledge Testing Software

Knowledge testing software is a tool that can significantly help educators create high-quality tests that are super effective at gauging just how well their students have managed to master the … Continue reading


Teacher-Student Communication in an LMS

One of the most important aspects of any good lecture is the teacher’s ability to connect and communicate with the students in a non-threatening, relaxed manner. A teacher who does … Continue reading

great content

Creating Great Content with Great Tools

Education is an art as old as humankind itself, and just as humankind evolves, so do our techniques in passing down knowledge and expertise. And thanks to the relatively rapid … Continue reading