Laurentius de Voltolina - Illustration of education in 14th century

Did Technology Change Education?

Albert Einstein once said:
“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.”

We all know the scene where the teacher lectures from a … Continue reading

Virtual Classroom Software

3 Features Virtual Classroom Software Should Have

A virtual Classroom, as the term says, is a class conducted in a virtual environment where geographically and temporally dispersed teachers and students conduct and attend lessons. In this classroom, … Continue reading

On-Budget Software That May Improve Your Teaching

On-Budget Software That May Improve Your Teaching

The proliferation of new technology is rapidly changing the world. These changes permeate into all aspects of our society, and education is one of them. These innovations can help teachers … Continue reading

Online Training

Mistakes You May Encounter with Online Training

The online training course is not a simple task for its creators. Having to deal with the sheer volume of work and the stressful nature of teaching, in general, can … Continue reading

LMS Training

How LMS Affects Training

How much does LMS affect training? The simple answer would be: A lot! If you are familiar with the concept of e-learning, you know that its potential benefits are numerous. … Continue reading

Taking Test Online Elearning

Using Tests to Improve Elearning

We have been lead to believe that tests are stress-inducing torture sessions which make people lose their minds. One must admit that taking tests does not fall into one’s fondest … Continue reading

Higher Education

Elearning for Higher Education – How Good Is It?

Young people who are entering higher education today have grown up connected to the internet. They expect to have access to mobile devices, wireless technologies, and the social web and

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Structured Data

Structured Data in Elearning Solutions

With the evolution of Web 2.0, the user is no longer treated like a simple consumer, but also a producer of web content. This shift has put the user at … Continue reading

Artificial Intelligence in Elearning

Artificial Intelligence in Elearning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been the subject of science fiction for a long time. Sci-fi authors envisioned wondrous and usually catastrophic scenarios for the age of widespread AI. No doubt, … Continue reading

Modern Classroom

Great Ways to Improve your Classroom

Blackboards and chalk, teachers giving lectures, talking in monotonous tones. Students dozing off or doodling in their notebooks, instead of taking notes. This kind of scenario is what most people … Continue reading