Why Invest in Elearning

Why You Need To Invest In eLearning?

Even though this is the 21st century and technology has moved forward a lot (which means that almost everything can be done online), not all people seem to be using … Continue reading

Educational Technology - Man at Computer

Educational Technology – How to Apply it Effectively

Appliance of educational technology in employee training has scarcely been more important and thought after. When two similar companies collide on the open market, the one with superior workforce usually … Continue reading

Employee Training and Certification and Motivation

Employee Training – Government Edition

Little known fact: employee training is not just for quiz makers and private companies! Government training and state testing are also important on a much larger scale. It just so … Continue reading

Virtual Classroom is Sending Traditional Classroom to History

Virtual Classroom – a Ticket for Modern Education

Virtual classroom is one of those things that never seem to get old. There are shows from early ’90s talking about the possibility of kids learning things from their TV … Continue reading