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  • Can reports contain user information, or only test statistics?

    The report builder enables you to create reports on the basis of user information too. Also, GetCertified offers a set of predefined reports that contain user statistics and information.

  • How would you describe GetCertified’s capability in terms of item analysis & reporting?

    YouTestMe GetCertified has a wide range of standard reports that offer insights regarding users, tests, training, surveys, questions, and system performances measured by multiple dimensions. In case there is a need for more specific information, YouTestMe GetCertified implements a report builder feature that allows users to customize their reports in a manner they see fit. All of the tabular reports can be exported to Excel files and scheduled to be sent regularly over email or SFTP.

    When it comes to Item analysis specifically, YouTestMe GetCertified provides reports such as:

    • Success ratio – that offer tracking the performance of each question given in the test. With the question success ratio’s help, test managers can see which question was more or less challenging to test takers.
    • Partial scores within a test (based on the question bank/pool) – where users can see how the test taker has performed in different knowledge areas included in the test.
    • Item reliability – that differentiates between reliable and unreliable questions by comparing their scores with the scores of tests in whole using Pearson’s correlation coefficient.

    The reports section can be expanded based on your specific requirements and needs.

  • Can the system generate custom reports?

    Yes. Using our report builder, you can specify the exact data you need in your reports. In case you need a specific format, we can create a new report as customization.

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