How to enable/disable Self-registration module

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This article explains how to enable/disable Self – registration module in the system settings.


To activate the self-registration module, you need to navigate the System/System settings and activate Self-Registration in the Additional modules tab.

If you wish to keep the Self-Registration module inactive, push the slider button left.

Note: If you need more information on how the registration process looks like when the module is active and inactive, check the article, How to register into the application.

After registration, the administrator will review the request, and the user will be informed of the outcome via e-mail. To review the request, the administrator needs to navigate Users/Manage users/Registration requests.

The administrator can approve or decline the registration request from the notification panel. To approve or decline the registration request, click the “Actions” button, and select:

  1. Approve – the registration request is approved.
  2. Decline – the registration request is declined.

The other way to approve or decline the registration request is to do it within the notifications panel.

Note: If an administrator approves the request, the registration process is finished. 

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