How to create a new question within a question pool

This article explains how you can create a new question in an existing question pool.

Adding questions to the pool

To add the question to the pool, select the Tests tab in the left-side menu and select the Question pools tab.



On the left, you will see all the available question pools. Select one to add a question to the existing question pool.



Then navigate to the Questions tab, click the Add question button, and add one of the given question types from the list. For example, you can choose Single choice question.




  1. Select the scoring method.
  2. Set Points.
  3. Set Penalty.
  4. Set duration.
  5. Enable branching (additional setting).
  6. Choose difficulty.

  7. Choose frequency.
  8. Add tags (additional setting).
  9. Add translation (additional setting).


Then add :

  1. Question text.
  2. Click the Add answer button to add a new potential answer – You can choose All of above or None of above.
  3. Define several correct and incorrect answers that will be randomly displayed.
  4. Open the advanced editor.
  5. Upload attachments.
  6. Add a formula to the answer/question text.
  7. Add feedback for this answer.

  8. Delete answer.
  9. Check the correct answer.
  10. Several incorrect answers are to be displayed.

  11. Add assistance – hint, additional time, or minus one wrong answer. The available assistance depends on the question type.



  1. If you add a Hint, you must add hint text and set a penalty.
  2. If you add Additional time- set duration and penalty.
  3. If you add Minus one wrong answer – set penalty.
  4. Delete assistance.
  5. Add the question to the pool.



For a detailed explanation, check out this video.

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