How to take a training course

This article explains the whole process of taking a training course, taking a test if there is one assigned, and completing all of the steps.

Once logged in to the application, navigate the “My assignments” tab. Find the training course and click the “Start” button to start the training.


Training courses are divided into training steps. You can move between steps. However, if a test is assigned to the training step, you cannot move to the next step until you complete the test assigned to that training step.

Once you have started the training course:

  1. Navigate to the “Description” tab.
  2. Read the short overview of the topic of this training course step.


  1. Navigate to the “Attachments” tab – here you can find learning material for this training step. Various files can be attached, such as videos, images, documents, links, etc.
  2. Click the eye icon to open the attachment (learning material).

Once you opened the attachment by clicking the eye icon, you can:

  1. Watch, read, examine, or study the attachment (learning material).
  2. Download the attachment and study offline. Note that the download option is not available for all file types.

Note: You can perform the same action for all of the attachments (learning materials).

Now navigate to the “Test” tab if there is a test assigned to this step. To start the test-taking process, click the “Start” button.

Note: You need to be assigned to the testing session to start the test assigned to a training course step. If you are not assigned, contact the instructor (the test manager).

After you finish the test, and a test manager resolves your exam report if some of the questions required manual grading, you can move to the next step. If you passed the exam, you can:

  1. Open your personal report to see the score, result, and optionally question details.
  2. Click the “Next” button to move to the next training course step.

Move to the next training course step and follow the previously explained procedure once again. You can go back to the previous training course step anytime. To do so, click the “Back” button.

After you pass the test located in the last training course step (if there is one) you can complete the training course. To do so, click the “Complete training course” button, and in the pop-up window, click the “OK” button to finish the course.

Then, the label “Completed” will be displayed in the right top corner, which means you have successfully finished the training course.

Now navigate to the “My assignments” tab once again. You can see that the training course is completed and also you can perform the following actions:

  1. Click the “Revisit” button to retaking the training course once again.
  2. Export the training course information as an Excel file.
  3. Export the training course information as a PDF file.
  4. Export the training course information as a CSV file.
  5. Export the training course information as an XML file.

For video instructions on how to take a training course, you may watch this video – Training Courses – Candidate’s Perspective.

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