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  • Is there any user interface training provided?

    Our support team provides training sessions to clients when needed. In addition to that we provide:

    • A rich knowledge base with up-to-date manuals and best practices for users and administrators
    • The playlist with useful instructional videos
    • The dedicated wiki page for each client, which we can update with useful materials and information students need to acknowledge
    • In-app help system
  • Can we brand the application?

    Yes, you can fully brand the application by changing the application theme, the appearance of the login page, logo, and favicon. Here you can find more information on how to brand application.

  • Application is lagging, what should I do?

    In case the application is lagging, please delete the caches, cookies and make sure you have a stable connection.

  • Does your application offer some accessibility fixtures?

    YouTestMe does its utmost to ensure its software is adapted to serve all individuals with any type of disability. Our team continuously advances our platform’s capabilities and develops custom features and functionalities to fulfill our clients’ requests and scenarios.

    Some of the functionalities that are currently supported are:

    • A wide range of question types allows you to choose a question format and layout most suitable for your candidates
    • Possibility to extend the exam duration only for specific candidates that need additional time to complete the exam.
    • Possibility to include additional assistance (hints or additional time per question) for questions
    • Various kinds of textual modifications will help you create visible and easily readable questions and answers. You can also create translated versions of your questions and create mathematical formulas.
    • Multimedia files can be included in both questions and answers (images, audio, video) that can facilitate your candidates’ test-taking process. Images can be enlarged, and audio and video files repeated an unlimited number of times.
    • Specific colors, icons, and shapes that create a simple and user-friendly interface
    • An intuitive user interface that allows your candidates to easily and efficiently navigate the application and test-taking process
  • What support services do you offer?

    We have Standard and Premium support packages. Moreover, we are always open to creating a custom support package that suits your requirements and budget. You may examine the support packages here.

  • What happens if a wrong password is entered multiple times?

    If you enter the incorrect password six times, your account will be locked. If you remember the password after these incorrect attempts once you enter it, a new window for creating a new password will automatically open. If you cannot remember the password, you can use the forgot password option.
    Your account will automatically unlock as soon as you login into the application again.

  • Does your system support different languages?

    Yes, our system is available in English and French. The users can select the preferred language on the login page before they enter the application.

  • Is it allowed to preview training course material?

    Yes, it is allowed. As an Instructor, you can create a demo user with a student role by yourself and preview a training course material.

  • How you keep the exam content secure?

    We have multiple levels of security:
    1. application-level – only users with adequate permission can view the exam content outside of the test-taking process
    2. test level – only users assigned as test managers of a particular exam can access its content outside of the test-taking process
    3. test-taking level – test-taking can be limited to a specific IP range, and a browser lockdown option can be enabled
    4. randomization level – exams can have multiple versions, and randomization of questions and answers can be applied
    5. encryption level – data is encrypted at transit and rest using industry-standard algorithms
    6. system-level – the entire system has a rigorous lengthy list of security procedures to avoid any possibility of unauthorized access

  • Do you have the ability to bookmark pages and come back later?

    Every page has its URL and can be bookmarked.

  • Do you have screen lockdown functionality?

    Yes. It is an optional test setting, and it disables copying, cutting, pasting, and printing anything from the screen during the test-taking process.

  • What kind or proctor service do you use (e.g., virtual, automated, live)?

    YouTestMe offers four kinds of proctor service:
    1. automated proctoring that does not require human proctors
    2. monitoring panel for users that are assigned as proctors of a test
    3. online proctoring provided as a service of the YouTestMe support team
    4. live proctoring with our partners that specialize in exam delivery

  • Is it possible to change the color of the application?

    Yes, users can change the colors in the application. For more information, check the article  How to change application theme and branding.

  • Does GetCertified have any storage limit?

    No, there are no limitations regarding the number of attachments, registered users, questions, tests, training courses.

  • Which video formats are supported?

    Currently, we support MP4, YouTube, and Vimeo videos as a user profile and Training course attachments.

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  • Do the filters work by keywords or by sequence?

    There is an available search field on the “My assignments” page, and it can be used for filtering by keywords. You only need to type any keyword, and the system will show all the results(tests, surveys, or training courses) that contain that keyword in the name.

  • Can students enroll themselves in an assignment?

    Yes. You can enable the self-enrollment option for tests, surveys, and training courses, making them available to a group of users or all users in the system.

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  • Which is the software price for various levels of service?

    Our team specializes in custom complete solutions, and the final price of the software depends on the client’s use case scenarios and requirements.

    To determine the adequate edition of YouTestMe GetCertified for your organization, we would kindly ask you to answer the questions from our Pricing Questionnaire.

    Once we have determined the adequate edition, we would be happy to provide you with the appropriate pricing options, schedule a call to go over our proposal or demonstrate the functionalities that interest you.

  • What is your pricing model?

    Purchasing the software license represents a one-time fee. Hosting and support are optional and are paid annually. Additional development required for customization and integrations is charged based on the scope of the project.

Proctoring 21 questions
  • What data is captured during the proctored exam?

    IDs checking is handled via webcam as test’s pre-check. However, in the case of the live proctoring, proctors can check the IDs live.

    For more information on proctoring, please check our website.

    To demonstrate what live proctoring looks like from a student’s perspective, please watch this video.

  • Do you have multilingual proctors?

    We only have English proctors. However, the option to train proctors for other languages can be explored as well.

    For more information on proctoring, please check our website.

    To demonstrate what live proctoring looks like from a student’s perspective, please watch this video.

  • Is customer support available during the proctored exam?

    Our team will be providing technical support during the proctored exam based on the support package that was purchased. We provide support for your admins via email and phone, with the response time defined in your level of support.

    As for the support for the candidates, that option is included in the Premium Support. However, different options can be additionally included during the testing windows:

    Automated proctoring with premium support during selected days

    • Live proctoring with YTM proctors support
    • Live proctoring with YTM proctors with premium support during selected days
    • Or live proctoring with your proctors with premium support during selected days

    Note that the difference between Premium Support and employing YTM proctors for live monitoring is that proctors are able to intervene and assist candidates using a webcam and live chat during their test-taking process. On the other hand, Premium Support is available only through email or phone.

    For more information on proctoring, please check our website.

    To demonstrate what live proctoring looks like from a student’s perspective, please watch this video.

  • What if the student encounters difficulties before the exam?

    Technical difficulties on the proctored exams are usually avoided through dummy exam sessions and timely equipment checks. If they do occur, a candidate can contact the YouTestMe support team for help.

    For more information on support, please check our website.


  • What if the student does not show up for a proctored exam?

    The proctoring minutes stay unused. However, if you use live proctoring with YTM proctors, proctors’ time will be charged.

    For more information on proctoring, please check our website.

    To demonstrate what live proctoring looks like from a student’s perspective, please watch this video.


  • What happens if the student is late for the proctored exam?

    In the case of an automated solution, the candidate can take the exam at any time that suits him the best within the testing window’s availability.

    As for the live proctoring, depending on your instructions, the student can be:

    • Allowed more time if that is agreed and proctors are available.
    • Notified about the remaining time.
  • Is there a systems test before taking the proctored exam?

    Before organizing the official testing, we recommend creating a dummy test with some random questions carrying 0 points. The dummy test’s purpose is to help your candidates to get familiar with the application and test their equipment (camera, microphone, etc.).

    The dummy test should be mandatory since candidates need to make sure to have the necessary equipment for the proctored test.

    Also, we are offering to send you the questions for the dummy test and help you organize everything.

    In order to help candidates to prepare for the process in the best way, you should:

    Once the candidates finish the dummy test, you should organize the official one.

  • What hours are available for taking the proctored test?

    It depends on whether it will be automated or live proctoring and whether you will be using your proctors or ours.

    In the case of automated proctoring – you can define the time for the exam by yourself.
    In the case of the live proctoring with your proctors – you can define the time for the exam by yourself.
    As for the live proctoring with YTM proctors – it can be defined with YouTestMe.

    To demonstrate what live proctoring looks like from a student’s perspective, please watch this video.

    For more information on proctoring, please check our website.

  • Should I schedule proctored tests or can they be on-demand?

    In the case of live proctoring, it is better for the test to be scheduled at a certain time for all candidates. This will give the proctor ability to monitor them in that defined time.

    Unlike live proctoring, the automated allows you to define a testing window availability. Each candidate will take an exam at the time that best suits him/her.

    To demonstrate what live proctoring looks like from a student’s perspective, please watch this video.

  • Which mobile browsers are supported when connecting an additional camera during the proctored test?
    You may use the following browsers to scan the QR code and connect an additional mobile camera to a proctored test:
    • • Google Chrome
    • • Firefox
    • • Safari
    • • Brave
    The mobile browser which is not supported:
    • • mi browser
     In case you use Xiaomi mobile phone (mi browser), you can scan the QR code in the following ways:
    • • Open Google Chrome browser on your phone and scan the code using an online scanner.
    • • Download the scanner on your phone and use Google Chrome as a default browser.
    • • Use Google Lens.
  • Are videos available after the proctored test is finished?

    The video recordings of the proctored test with highlighted times of suspicious behavior and an automatically generated report are available after a test-attempt.

    You can watch this video to see how the process looks like.

  • Who can monitor tests during testing sessions?

    We have two options for online supervision. We offer both Automated and Live proctoring solutions. Automated proctoring is an artificial intelligence option that uses behavioral trackers, while Live proctoring is supervised by a real person in addition to automated behavioral trackers. Exams are live supervised by either your proctors or by our certified proctors.

  • Does your service provide proctoring?

    Yes, YouTestMe GetCertified supports automated proctoring by tracking the student’s web camera, microphone, and screen. Our solution identifies suspicious behaviors such as:

    1. Change of focus to a different window.
    2. Window browser that is not maximized.
    3. The absence of a human face in front of the camera.
    4. Multiple or unauthorized faces in front of the camera.
    5. Noise in the background.
    6. An additional display is attached.
    7. Abnormal activity on the screen.

    All of the test attempts can be monitored in real-time or reviewed afterward. The software automatically determines the credibility of each attempt and exact times when the suspicious behaviors occurred.

  • Is there an alternative to using the camera on the phone as an additional monitoring option?

    Candidates can use a mobile phone or tablet as an additional webcam.

  • What happens if the phone runs out of battery during the test?

    If the phone shuts down, the mobile phone camera will be disconnected, but the web camera will remain connected. The most important thing is that the mobile camera is turned on at the beginning of the test to record the candidate’s environment and determine that he does not use another monitor or additional reference documentation.

    If the mobile phone runs out of battery, the proctors will continue to monitor them via webcam and see all irregularities. However, we would recommend keeping the Phone on the charger during the exam to avoid this situation.

  • What happens if the phone rings during the test?

    It depends on the phone and its settings.  On some phones, everything stays as it is even though the candidate answers the phone call.  On some phones, the mobile camera is stopped, but the camera reappears as soon as the call is finished.

    To prevent even a short break, we would recommend that candidates:

    1. Turn on “Airplane mode” on their phone, and after that
    2. Turn on the WIFI that is needed for a test connection.
  • Scrolling does not work on iOS Safari

    In iOS Safari, scrolling inside IFRAME elements may not work when “Async Frame Scrolling” is enabled in Safari. You should disable this option “Settings -> Safari -> Advanced -> Experimental Features -> Async Frame Scrolling”.

  • The MediaRecorder error on iOS Safari

    For the system to work correctly in iOS Safari, the MediaRecorder option must be enabled in the Settings → Safari → Advanced → Experimental Features → MediaRecorder.

  • Proctoring does not start on iOS Safari

    For proctoring to work correctly, you must disable the option “Settings -> Safari -> Privacy & Security ->Prevent Cross-Site Tracking.”

  • I can not get my identification document to scan in the system

    When uploading a document, the document needs to be visible, and therefore it is best to capture only the
    the document, in close, without any background.

    Good example:

    Bad example:

  • The proctoring test page does not open

    Cookies of third-party sites should not be blocked in the browser. In Chrome, this is done in the settings
    “Settings” -> “Advanced” -> “Site settings” -> “Cookies”

    Page loading can also be blocked by some browser extensions, such as VPN Proxy or ad blocker. It would
    help if you try disabling all third-party extensions. In the Chrome browser, this can be done on the
    “chrome://extensions/” page, which can be opened through “Menu -> Advanced Tools -> Extensions.

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Reporting 8 questions
  • Is it possible to pull reports using profile Information?

    Yes, you can pull demographic reports using the report builder. In the report builder, you can see all user data and decide which user attributes to include in the demographic report.

  • Are score reports broken down by category available?

    Yes. Score reports can be broken down using several criteria – Test sections, question pools, locations, testing sessions, and time frames.

  • What kind of reports can GetCertified generate?

    All of the events and activities that occur in the system are stored in the database. We use that data to generate reports. Every module has several reports associated with it (reports related to the test attempts, questions, answers, tests as a whole, and many more). Any report you need can be extracted from the database if it’s not already in the system.

    We provide extensive reporting capabilities on all levels of the application. With our report, you can examine:

    1. the validity of test attempts (automated proctoring)
    2. the individual and collective results of your students
    3. question statistics
    4. standard and advanced test statistics
    5. many more reports not directly related to the testing module
  • Is it possible to see from which IP address the test was done?

    Yes, it is possible to create a report that displays all the IP addressed used to access the test.

  • Is it possible to compare individual candidates’ scores within a group?

    Yes, you can compare individual candidates’ scores and each student’s score to a group average score.

  • Can reports contain user information, or only test statistics?

    The report builder enables you to create reports based on user information too. Also, GetCertified offers a set of predefined reports that contain user statistics and information.

  • Which item analysis and reporting options does GetCertified offer?

    YouTestMe GetCertified has a wide range of standard reports that offer insights regarding users, tests, training, surveys, questions, and system performances measured by multiple dimensions. In case there is a need for more specific information, YouTestMe GetCertified offers a report builder feature that allows users to create custom reports that suit their needs. All tabular reports can be exported to Excel files and scheduled to be sent regularly over email or SFTP.

    When it comes to Item analysis specifically, YouTestMe GetCertified provides reports such as:

    • Success ratio – tracking the performance on each question within the test. With the question success ratio’s help, test managers can see which question was more or less challenging to test takers.
    • Partial scores within a test (based on the question bank/pool) – users can see how the test taker has performed in different knowledge areas included in the test.
    • Item reliability – differentiates between reliable and unreliable questions by comparing their scores with the overall test score using Pearson’s correlation coefficient.

    The reports section can be expanded based on your specific requirements and needs.

  • Can the system generate custom reports?

    Using our report builder, you can specify the exact data you want to include in your reports.

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System administration 16 questions
  • What are the system requirements for using the YouTestMe GetCertified?

    The minimum system requirements for running the YouTestMe application are the same as the minimum system requirements for running Google Chrome.

    Here you can find the minimum system requirements for running Google Chrome.


  • Why appears a message “Not authorized to see content” immediately after login?

    This message appears when you are always logging in with an admin account and then with a student account. The data is cached and therefore shows that the student cannot see that content. The mentioned situation won’t happen to the student as he will log in from his account only.

  • How often does the system save the answers?

    An answer is automatically saved in the database each time an answer is provided, selected, or modified.

  • Does the solution require an always-on internet connection (wireless or wired)?

    No. If hosted on your premises, you do not even need to have access to the internet. The system can entirely function within your internal network.

  • How is the exam hosted?

    You can use our hosting services (or a hosting provider of your choice) for cloud-based hosting, or you can use your servers and install the application on your premises, behind your firewall.

  • Where is the data stored, and for how long?

    The data is stored in a database, which is an essential part of the system. It is encrypted and can be viewed only through application. The data can be stored indefinitely but can also be erased per user’s request.

  • Can the software be used as a LMS or is it just compatible with other learning management systems?

    YouTestMe GetCertified is a web-based examination software for knowledge evaluation and certification. It can be used as a complete LMS since it contains modules for creating and taking training courses, surveys, and tests, providing you with full and automated learning and examination environment. Additionally, the software can easily be integrated with any LMS you might already use.

  • What are the system specifications for synchronizing with external systems?

    System specifications refer to details about the protocol of communication that the external system is using. Our system can adapt to any protocol of communication to successfully integrate with external systems.

  • Are the notifications automatically sent via email?

    Yes, the system automatically sends an email notification triggered by a user’s specific action. You can customize the email notification templates by following the notification configuration instructions.

  • Are there any limits in terms of data creation and concurrent users?

    There are no limits concerning data creation, as long as the host server provides the necessary hardware performance. The numerous possibilities will allow you to create an unlimited number of:

    • Users
    • Questions
    • Tests
    • Surveys
    • Training courses
    • Literature for training courses
    • Certificates
    • Test templates

    YouTestMe GetCertified Standard Edition supports up to 50 concurrent users (i.e., 50 users doing the test simultaneously). While there will be no limitations imposed within the application, you might experience a degradation of performance with a higher number of concurrent users. With Oracle Database License, the usage is limited to 2 CPU`s. To host a more significant amount of concurrent users, we suggest upgrading to Enterprise Edition of GetCertified with Enterprise Oracle Database. This version of the application has no limits in terms of the maximum number of CPUs. Please note that if the Standard Edition of GetCertified is purchased, it is possible to upgrade it to Enterprise version at any time.

  • Do you offer a completely managed cloud environment or is hardware managed by clients?

    We offer both solutions. If the application is hosted on the cloud, the environment is managed and maintained by YouTestMe. In case you choose the virtual appliance and on-premise hosting, your team can fully manage the hardware.

  • Are you compliant with the European Privacy Regulation?

    Yes, TouTestMe is in full compliance with the European Privacy Regulation.

  • How can the application be hosted?

    The application can be hosted on our servers in Canada, on your premises, or on-cloud.

  • Where is the access portal for both participant and administrator hosted?

    GetCertified is a web-based Java application that can be accessed via URL, regardless of the hosting. It applies to both participants and administrators, as the system supports administration within the application as well.

    Since our application is defined as a Linux-based Virtual Appliance, the system administrator can use different protocols to access the virtual machine: SSH, VNC, SFTP, etc.

    If the application is hosted on one of the cloud platforms, such as Amazon or Microsoft Azure, administrators access the environment through the corresponding cloud provider web portal.

  • Can the virtual machine have more than one administrator?

    Yes, the virtual machine represents a Linux server, and thus supports having more than one administrator.

  • How to self-host the application?

    YouTestMe GetCertified is delivered in a plug-and-play pre-configured Virtual Appliance, and as such, requires to be deployed via a hypervisor software. The host server can run any operating system, as long as it has suitable hypervisor software installed on it (e.g., Oracle VirtualBox, VMware Player, VMware ESXi).

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