How to add an answer to the essay question

This article explains the two ways of adding an answer to the essay question. The candidate can enter the answer directly into the text field or upload a file.

Add the answer directly to the answer field

Type the answer in the empty text field to answer the essay question. The number of characters is unlimited.


You can edit the typed text. Various editing options are available, as follows:

  1. Bold the text.
  2. Turn the text to italics.
  3. Underline text.
  4. Strikethrough text.
  5. Change font color.
  6. Add text shade.
  7. Subscript the text.
  8. Superscript the text.
  9. Create a numbered list.
  10. Create a bulleted list.
  11. Decrease indent – i.e., start paragraph one tab and stop to the left.
  12. Increase indent – i.e., start paragraph one tab and stop to the right.
  13. Change the alignment of the text (left, right, center, justify).
  14. Insert link.
  15. Insert special characters
  16. Insert table.
  17. Change the size of the letters.



Note: Please refer to the images below to see how the edited text looks after applying each option.

Provide the answer to the essay question by uploading a file

Another way to answer the essay question is to click the Upload file button and upload the attachment (document, images, video, and audio files).



To remove the file, click the Remove file button.



Note: You can use both options to answer the essay question, i.e., options are not mutually exclusive. Candidates can write their answers as well as upload a file.

For a video tutorial on how to create a simple test, please watch the video.

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