How to enable additional languages

This article explains how to enable additional languages for tests and application interfaces.

Accessing language settings

To access the Language settings, select the Settings tab in the left side menu and then the System settings and customization tab.

Then, select the Theme and language tab.

Filtering languages

You can search by:

  1. Language ID.
  2. Language code
  3. Name of the language
  4. Status (Enabled or Disabled). The status Enabled means that users can select that language when setting their accounts and have tests displayed in their preferred language.
  5. Interface available (Enabled or Disabled). The status Enabled means that users can change the language of the application interface. 

Enabling additional languages

If you want to enable additional languages for users:

  1. Choose a language.
  2. Change the status for that language by selecting Enabled from the drop-down menu.

Preview of languages in the user account

To preview the changes, click on the profile icon on the top right side and select the View profile option.

When the language is enabled.

When the language is Disabled.

Exporting the table

You can export the language table with all information in the following formats:

  1. Excel file
  2. PDF

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