How to create a test with a demographic section

Creating a question pool #

To create a demographic section, first, you need to create questions that carry 0 points. You can do this by selecting the Scoring method: “By answer weight” or “Defining correct/incorrect answers“, and setting the values ​​to 0. This will allow you to collect data about the candidates without the answers affecting the final test result (for more information on creating each question type, please visit our support web page, and find an appropriate article).

Examples of creating demographic questions #

For the scoring method, select “By answer weight” and define each answer weight to be 0 (below, in the answers settings).

For the scoring method, select Defining correct/incorrect answers” and set the number of points that this question carries to 0.

Below, in the answers sections, tick the box next to each answer to be a correct answer.

Creating a test with sections #

Once you create a question pool, you can create a test.

You can add a pool with demographic questions in the first section by importing questions from the previously created question pool.

For instructions on how to create a test with sections, please watch this video.

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